“OUR ALIEN PROTECTORS” and 5 More True, Dark, and Strange Stories! #WeirdDarkness

“‘You are never to speak of this again’”—these are the words that Lieutenant Robert Jacobs says his military superior warned him with after they witnessed a UFO at Vandernburg Air Force Base. “As far as you’re concerned, this didn’t happen…”

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IN THIS EPISODE: Charles Willey experienced hundreds of fires on his property in the summer of 1948 – but how did they start? (The Macomb Firestarter) *** Two men interested in the same woman – all three spending a day together. Not a good plan from the start. Add a bit of alcohol and you just may have a powder keg ready to explode. (Rum, Jealously, and Murder) *** Over the course of just two years, Christopher Duntsch operated on 38 patients in the Dallas area, leaving 31 paralyzed or seriously injured and two of them dead. It’s no wonder he was given the morbid nickname of “Dr. Death”. (Doctor Death) *** A child’s game of hide-and-seek turns to terror. (The House At The Front) *** In the Outback of Queensland, Australia, ghostly orbs of light have been frightening people for centuries. What do we know about the mystery of the orbs and what are some of the theories about what they could be? (The Min Min Orbs) *** Are extraterrestrials secretly watching over us and saving us from our own destruction? (Our Alien Protectors) *** Now.. bolt your doors, lock your windows, turn off your lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!

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WEIRD DARKNESS MUSIC PROVIDED BY Midnight Syndicate http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ and Shadow’s Symphony http://www.facebook.com/shadowssymphony/ – all music used with permission. All rights reserved.  All other music provided by AudioBlocks.com with paid license.

Psalm 56:3 = “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.”

** “How can I be saved?” http://ow.ly/gaE730lTme9

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