Astronaut ‘Reveals Codeword For Aliens’ As UFO Appears In Live Feed

Controversial footage is causing a stir among conspiracy theorists as recordings of a bizarre conversation between an astronaut and NASA have emerged.

Alien ‘experts’ are claiming that during a live feed from the International Space Station, the astronaut uses the word ‘gospel’ as code to describe a UFO which appears on screen, reports

The footage has been uploaded to two notorious UFO websites – renowned conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring’s UFO Sightings Daily and Secure Team 10.

According to Mr Waring, the appearance of the UFO as the astronaut mentions the gospel – and ground control’s reply ‘we will pray for you’ – are ‘significant and could not be a coincidence’.

But Scott isn’t the only one who thinks the gospel chat is weird…

Secure Team 10’s Tyler Glockne also thought it was odd for the astronaut to be talking about religion, saying the conversation was ‘very unusual’.


He said:

You can hear the astronaut speaking about God as a UFO appears, which is strange.

Although it’s not strange to think there may be astronauts who may be religious – I think it would be uncommon due to the training and scientific knowledge they have.

Fans of Secure Team 10 have suggested that the astronaut saying he was looking ‘forward to this partnership with the gospel’ could be code – and he was in fact revealing that he was about to meet a delegation of extraterrestrials.

Each to their own…


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