Weird Darkness 3-Ring Binder for the LIVE SCREAM!

Stanley Daniel, the owner of Nooga Leatherworks is a Weirdo… so much so that he decided to hand craft a 3-ring Weird Darkness binder for me to use during the LIVE SCREAM on October 31st!  He told me not to expect much – but I am FLOORED at how cool this is!  It’s gorgeous!  Part of me was thinking it would be cool to use it once, then autograph it and auction it off for charity or something… but now I want to keep it.  I love the smell and feel of leather – who ever would’ve thought to put it to use as a 3-ring binder?!?!  You should take a look at this guy’s website – not only is he talented, but his merchandise is ridiculously inexpensive.

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