Static Figure

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To begin I would like to include for about a year or so of my childhood I had a “sleep walking” issue. I was maybe 6 or so years old and fairly often I would wake up in completely random spots of our home, kitchen, living room and even a couple times in the same spot of our back yard.

I have never been able to remember dreams that I’ve had my entire life so therefore I have left the possibility that this experience was a dream coming through. I remember this encounter very vividly over the years and I have never had anything like this happen since we left the house. But to finally get to it, one night I had a strange feeling cast over me and I went to my parents room to sleep with them because I was so scared.

My father woke up very early to go to work about 4:30am I remember waking up before he left and saying goodbye, after he left I tried to go back to sleep but felt that same strange feeling again. My mom was still asleep and I was still in bed but I had a clear line of sight to the doorway, I broke through the fear and forced myself to open my eyes and when I did I saw a large figure approach the doorway but it wasn’t a normal person, it had the shape of a man but the entire body was just a black and white static.

I quickly closed my eyes and was frozen with fear, my eyes stayed closed maybe 30-45 seconds before I looked again and the shape was gone. After this I never saw this shape again but there were many in explained noises in the house including a banging on our guest bathroom door that even my parents heard but blamed on me since they were together and I was the only other one in the house.

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