Romeo and Ghouliet?

By Josh Saunders

An engineer has snapped two loved-up ghosts embracing in an eerie photograph.

Ron Bowers, 60, could have caught the real life ‘Romeo and Ghouliet’ while on a paranormal investigation at Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire.

Shortly before taking photographs of the building, he claims to have heard noises behind him that made him uneasy.


He initially believed he had captured mist, but within seconds noticed two figures and believes they could be a couple hugging.

The father from East Anglia, who took his first photograph of a spirit in 2003 was overwhelmed by the affectionate shot taken last weekend – and believes it could show love carries on after death.

Ron, an electronics engineer, said: “It’s one of the best photographs I’ve ever taken.

“When I first arrived and walked into the rear of Revesby Abbey I sensed the presence of two ladies. Soon after also a dog.

“Before taking the photograph there was a noise that I thought was behind me, which was a bit off-putting.


“I thought I could hear a rustling in bushes behind me before the capture of what looks like an embracing couple which lead me to think it could be someone in the physical.

“At first, I thought it was one figure, but within a few seconds I realised it could be two – one with an arm around the other.

“The arm is very prominent, and it looks like two people embracing, it looks like they are in love.

“It’s nice to believe that love continues. It’s a lovely picture and who knows maybe there is a love story there.

“For me it’s a little more of a confirmation that our lives continue or that our energies can return to our favourite places.

“If it is possible that we are energy, it could return to our favourite places, like homes, pubs, maybe schools and other locations.

“I don’t believe I have ever had something so intimate as that picture.”

Ron explains that he uses black and white photography as it helps to show anything that may have been captured on camera.

But he said he never expected to capture such a moment.


Ron said: “I always stake picture in black and white because it’s night time so anything that’s possible visible is more visible in its white form.

“I was just taking a picture of the building, hoping I would capture something in the window.

“I had to use flash to bring the building out, some things can be dismissed as moisture or raindrops, but for this I have ruled out the moisture theory.”

Ron claims this was not his only encounter with the supernatural world on this investigation.

He added: “I also photographed a great white line, it was like a white streak of light and one of the Cambridge Ghost Hunters team said she could feel something too

“During the evening with Cambridge ghost hunters I felt there was quite a lot of activity going on.

“The time electronic balls moved was fascinating to watch when members of the group were asking spirit to move them.

“The presence of horses was felt and even heard at one stage by several of us. I don’t believe the owners have them where we were.”


Ron admits that while he expects there to be suspicion around his photograph, he adamantly vows the photograph is real.

He said: “I am pleased and a little overwhelmed by the reaction, I’m very apprehensive of the abuse that’s bound to come but this is real.

“I would like to think the spirit couple once were lovers and lived or at least one of them did at Revesby and this was their favourite place.

“Unfortunately, I know nothing of the history in that sense, but wouldn’t that make a lovely story.”

Ron accompanied Cambridge Ghost Hunters on their investigation of Revesby Abbey, which was formerly a medieval monastery that was founded in 1143.

While none of the abbey is visible today, the isolated spot has been documented for several ‘hauntings’ and supernatural experiences.

Craig and Matt from the team were amazed by Ron’s photograph.

Craig Jones, 27, said: “It looks like two people hugging and is pretty amazing to have captured something like that.

“It could show that true love does last forever or it could be a replay of someone who was very scared and being hugged for comfort.”

Matt Wood, 47, said: “Ron has very spirited senses. It’s one of those images which is unbelievable to have caught.

“It’s very interesting. A lot of photos you think it could be this or that, where you can see human shapes in banana skins and other things.

“But this seems actually there and doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see at all.”

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