Suffering Post-Halloween Depression?

If you’re still suffering from a Post-Halloween depression we don’t blame you! Halloween is filled with magic; gory costumes, decoration, campy films, warm Autumnal drinks, pumpkins. We suggest nine cc’s of The Addams Family original series stat! Here are our methods for curing a severe case of post-Halloween Depression.

Start Creating your Next Costume Now!

There are families who start decorating for Christmas months ahead, and then there are the Halloween fans that are always looking for ideas! Whenever you start feeling that post-Halloween depression hit just start building as if Halloween is right around the corner.

Leave your Halloween Decorations up All Year Round!

Okay, so we aren’t suggesting you leave zombie corpses and ghost that jump out at people who walk past, all over your lawn. But when it comes to home decor Halloween is the best time to grab some cool pieces. Whether you like shredded curtains, house wears covered in bats or spider web sheets – get shopping for year-round supplies in the post-Halloween sales.

Horror Films!

There has been lots of speculation in regard to the massive amounts of horror films opening in summer! Lots of higher-ups claim that the makers of these new horror films don’t want to fight against the genre leaders that open every single Halloween. This is great news for anyone who’s aching for some summer horror in their diet!

Take some time off from the beach and retreat to the chilly cinema for the up and coming releases this summer. We’re looking forward to: Insidious Chapter 3 and Amity Ville Horror Awakening.


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