6 Ways to Deal With Post-Halloween Depression

6 Ways to Deal With Post-Halloween Depression

With another Halloween come and gone, it can be sad to let go of the spooky decorations you have set up in your dorm, and to stop thinking of potential costumes for you and your friends. If you’re anything like me, the anticipation for Halloween is filled with two emotions: complete excitement and total dread. I personally love Halloween so much that the thought of it being over can be pretty depressing.

So instead of moping around until next Halloween, here are some ways to try to make yourself feel a little less miserable after the best holiday is over.

1. You can keep watching all the good Halloween movies.

Who says watching Hocus Pocus after Halloween is wrong?

2. You don’t have to worry about defending your favorite holiday anymore.

At least Marnie understands us.

3. You can stop hassling your friends about getting into the Halloween spirit.

They definitely appreciate this, too.

4. You can finally start eating the mass amounts of candy you’ve been hoarding in your room.

And the only trick or treater here is you, so get eating.

5. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

There’s nothing like going home for Thanksgiving. You get a break from class, dorm life, and dining hall food (and we all need a break from dining hall food.)

6. Start a countdown to next Halloween!

Because it’ll be back before you know it.


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