Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Every year this question crops up in the churches and crowds of faith-filled believers.  And every year religious leaders are more than happy to give their opinion on the matter.  Oddly enough, today I received emails from BOTH sides of the issue.  So – here I will share the ANTI-Halloween stance from one pastor, and then the PRO-Halloween stance from a different pastor.  Both are interesting reads whether or not you believe them.

First, the ANTI-Halloween stance…

Photo: Unsplash/TheRedboyHalloween ‘Makes Children More Comfortable With Evil’: Pastor Issues Strong Warning to Parents

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Veronica and I get this question every October. Before I share our position, let me share Anton Levey’s position (who is the founder of the church of Satan and the author of The Satanic Bible).

In an interview years ago he said, “I’m glad that Christian parents let their children worship the Devil at least one night out of the year.” The reality is, Halloween is viewed as a Satanic holiday by Satanists. It was created by pagans for the purpose of honoring darkness.

For our family, these facts checked our hearts regarding October 31st. Ultimately and unarguably, Halloween is a celebration of death. This is why your local Home Depot and Target stores are covered in morbid, decaying, witches and skeletons. It’s a season to make children more comfortable with evil and the distortion of God’s image. It’s a night to elevate nooses and demons and gore and horror and fear. So do we celebrate Halloween? No. Do we hide in a hole during Fall and the Halloween season? No.

However, we do shield our little ones from darkness. We do not partake in the Church’s creative attempt to redeem and sanitize Halloween either. We do celebrate Fall. We do understand that some families with older children established in their faith try to use it as an outreach night (which I commend).

But we must remember, in a world filled with suicide, murder, wickedness, and fear we don’t believe dressing up these horrors in cute decor one night per year makes them any less of what they really are—evil.

And now, the PRO-Halloween stance…

Image credit: The Village Church/YouTubeMatt Chandler Explains Whether Christians Should Celebrate Halloween

For those torn over whether to celebrate Halloween today, Texas megachurch pastor Matt Chandler says it’s OK for Christians to celebrate the festive holiday..

Last week, Chandler, the lead pastor of The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, made his case with Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 8, when the apostle argued it is permissible to eat meat that was once sacrificed to idols as long as it is done in an appropriate way.

“We want to reject the evil aspects of it, and we want to redeem what’s good in it,” Chandler explained, later adding, “I think we should carry that principle on over into Halloween and just say, ‘Look, Halloween’s history, it has both pagan and Christian background.’”

The Southern Baptist minister said it’s also OK for people to skip Halloween if they don’t want to celebrate, “but if your conscience is clear and you’re free,” then its fine to participate in the fall holiday.

He then outlined a few guidelines for Christians who plan to celebrate Halloween, encouraging believers to stay away from costumes and themes that are “evil and demonic” or “sultry and sensual.”

“We also don’t have to dress up as John the Baptist, right?” Chandler noted. “[U]se this opportunity to be in your community, meeting your neighbors, practicing hospitably, beginning Gospel conversations with your neighborhoods and your friends.”

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