The White Lady of Brownville Road legend of Maine’s White Lady Bridge goes something like this:

In the 1950s, a newly married couple were returning from a trip when their car swerved off Brownville road near Millinocket, Maine. The man and woman were unhurt, but their car was inoperable after the accident. Rather than force his wife to endure a long walk back to town, the man told her to stay in the car until he returned with help. She agreed, but when the man came back, his wife was gone. The young bride was never seen again. Or was she?

Legend has it, the lost woman now haunts the site of her accident. Locals report seeing a wispy woman in white wandering along the Brownville Road bridge (above). Some say she appears on foggy nights and leaves hand prints on unsuspecting motorists’ cars. Others believe she’s trying to lead the living to the site of her death.

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