Coffee Table Books For People Obsessed With Horror

Not everyone pines after the finer things in life – some people prefer to chase the freakier side of life. For any friends who favors thrills and chills, a solid horror-themed coffee table book makes a great gift. Some horror fans are happy with a creepy home decor gift, but for those who fancy themselves 21st-century Edgar Allan Poes or John Carpenter scholars, coffee table books about horror are the way to go.

Plenty of coffee table books delve into the many different sides of the horror genre, from Creepshow-esque comic strips to a definitive history of ’70s made-for-TV horror films. Even your most scare-obsessed friend will learn something new from one of the horror compendiums below, which touch upon thrills from the past all the way up to modern urban legends. On your own coffee table these volumes may look out of place, but for your friend who loves Wes Craven and Stephen King, they’ll fit right in.


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