What If Garfield the Cat Was Written For Horror Fans?

Even lovable, lazy, lasagna-loving cartoon cat Garfield cannot escape the creepy artistic treatment. The internet is no stranger to scary pictures, nor is this the first time Garfield has received the nightmare treatment. But now, artists like William Burke and Lumpy are spreading the gospel of eldritch Garfield to the masses – apparently uncaring about the sleepless nights they’ll cause.

Burke started with an eldritch Garfield portending doom and the end of the world. Lumpy was more than happy to remix that idea into a horror game straight from Satan’s Game Boy case. Among them are other artists, taking nightmare-fuel Garfield in different directions, including warped and distorted 3D models and Zalgo Garfield.

This list collects the creepiest of the creepy when it comes to Garfield fan art, and presents it for your viewing horror. Good luck with the nightmares!


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