“The HAUNTING of LAURA” and 7 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

(Archive episode from February 13, 2018)

IN THIS EPISODE: Two women walking home in the twilight come across the ghost of a woman dead for the past year. *** A man tells the terrifying story of how he was possessed by a demon. *** Two girls discover that even if you don’t believe a legend of ghostly children, you still shouldn’t tease them. *** If you vacation at Carlsbad Lagoon, you’ll need something stronger than sunscreen to protect you. *** Traumatic events can sometimes trigger poltergeist activity, but for one young girl, the torment seemed to have no end. *** The hills of Northern Chile are not safe for men walking alone at night.  A female spirit known as La Lola stalks the night, lost and enraged over the murder of her husband. *** Glowing eyes in the dark, a man in a dark suit, and a party in the other room… none of which are real, except to two young girls who swear it actually happened. *** Lehigh, Oklahoma – with the dark past of gangsters, the KKK, a corrupt sheriff… and the paranormal.

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