Man Claims Extraterrestrials are to Blame in Highway 18 Rollover Accident

Published by Raymond Ray
Article and photos by Robert Callis, Stringer Media

On Wednesday February 6th, a solo vehicle accident occurred on Highway 18 above Red Rock Wall.

A white Ford E350 van, for unknown reasons, overturned on Highway 18 landing on its side after crossing the oncoming traffic lane. The van was traveling upbound towards Rimforest just after 1:34 pm. According to CHP transcripts of the original 911 call, the driver adamantly stated that his van was flipped over by aliens.

Additionally noted in the CHP transcripts, the male driver became confrontational with bystanders and officers, then stated that he did not want law enforcement on scene and demanded a tow truck.

The van laying on it’s side was not a traffic hazard as it was out of the roadway and not blocking traffic lanes. Three California Highway Patrol units were on scene. The man was not transported for his injuries and his claims of “alien intervention” during the traffic accident are under investigation by the California Highway Patrol. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos was not available for a comment.

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