Awakening Psychokinesis

Awakening Psychokinesis

By Michael Grosso

Psychokinesis is the the power of our intangible thoughts to produce tangible effects.

It is direct action of mind on matter—on our own bodies, and sometimes, on external bodies.  But that’s magic! you might say.  Correct, as discussed in Dean Radin’s book, Real Magic, an excellent primer on the science of magic.  Consider the greatest magician of all time–God.  We read in the Book of Genesis: “And God said, ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light.”  Now that’s PK!  Psychokinesis–which means mind-moving, mind-transforming.

If I had one phrase to distill what I’ve learned from my research, it would be this: PK is the spark of divine creativity in us all.  For indeed as the poet said we are “made in the image and likeness of God.”  We’re not just carbon-based physical organisms; but minds, a source of consciousness with powers that boggle known science.

PK, moreover, is not rare.  There is normal PK, evident all day as we direct the movements of our bodies, restraining and shaping them in various ways; there is abnormal PK in the form of ulcers, high blood pressure, and other psychosomatic diseases; and finally supernormal PK—effects like levitation, shapeshifting, bilocation, weather control, materialization, dematerialization, instantaneous healings, placebo, nocebo, stigmata, odor of sanctity, and much more.  There is a mountain of facts that supports the idea that we humans own a spark of supernormal capacity—a spark that can sometimes ignite a fire.

So, with some hesitation, . we might ask: How can we ignite the fire of our potential soul power? Which is what I mean by the technical term psychokinesis.  According to physicist Helmut Schmidt, PK is a goal-oriented process.  Suppose in a test you’re trying to influence the fall of dice, say, to get sevens.  You don’t concentrate on how to make it happen. Instead, you keep your attention on the goal, the end-state, the thing itself—in this case, to roll sevens.  Don’t calculate, worry or strain.   The ‘method’ is to fix attention on the goal; hold it there firmly; visualize what you want to actually happen. The image of the goal becomes the lodestar of your consciousness.

This may be useful in shaping the course of everyday life.  The important thing is having our aims clearly and steadily before our consciousness.   But this is hard to do, especially for us in our hyper-active techno-culture defined by endless distractions.  If you really want to perform a ‘miracle,’ all of you has to be present.

Often, ironically, the ‘miracles’ in our lives occur when we least expect them.  Sometimes you can aim too hard; like trying too hard to remember something—stop trying, give up, and then it comes back.  Sometimes we have to give up before something we’re aiming for can happen.  Total concentration is required, but being too anxious about success will get in the way. The big idea is that we can shape the course of our journey.  It’s either that or we get blown hither and yon, slaves of chance and fate, fodder for the dark forces.

I have defined PK in such a way as to show it represents a spectrum from normal to abnormal and supernormal.  The supernormal and ‘miraculous’ potentials are rooted in our normal everyday minds.  As human beings we’re capable of doing far more than we might normally suppose.  We find evidence for this all the time.  It would be useful to learn how to activate that potential.  In fact, thanks to the explorer instinct of our species, many ways have been discovered.  The physicist Helmut Schmidt, along with mystics, shamans, and magicians from all traditions provide various hints and rules.  It’s up to us to make use of them.

Source: Consciousness Unbound

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