“Factual Frights Fueled Famous Phantoms” and 4 More Terrifying True Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE: Weirdo family member Jason Miller tells us about the incident that initially piqued his curiosity about all things dark and strange. (What Got Me Interested in the Paranormal) *** A hot-shot New York advertising executive mysteriously vanished in the middle of Wyoming – leaving his car running, and clothes scattered everywhere. What happened to Don Kemp? (The Mysterious Disappearance of Don Kemp) *** I’ll tell you about the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. It’s not a horror movie, nor is it a psychological thriller. It’s a documentary, and the reason it is so horrifying is because it has happened to me. We’ll look a little closer at the film, “The Nightmare”. (Nightmare Documentary) *** When a famous person dies, their fans mourn the loss. The news spreads nationwide, sometimes worldwide depending on the popularity of the performer. But just because they’ve gone from this mortal coil, doesn’t mean they won’t come back as ghostly entities. And in some cases, their ghosts are just as famous as they were when they were still alive. 
(Living Dead Celebrities) *** Horrible hauntings are everywhere. But do you know the secret, gruesome real-life stories behind some of the most famous spooky sites? (Factual Frights That Fueled Famous Phantoms)
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