“The Real Story of the Texas Killing Fields” and 5 More True Horror Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE OF #WEIRDDARKNESS: (Weekend archive episode, previous aired June 13, 2018) *** While modern scientists are busy finding proof of a fourth dimension, ancient people recorded curious events that indicate the existence of another dimension that we are unaware of. (Ancient Accounts of a Fourth Dimension) *** A brother and sister are frightened by what they thought was their father – until they looked up at him… or it. (The Shadow Man) *** Just a few hours outside of Melbourne is a former lunatic asylum – now used as a conference center. But the lunatics remain in ghostly form. (The Beechwood Lunatic Asylum) *** In 1943 the U.S. Navy purportedly teleported a ship from Philadelphia to Norfolk, and also made it invisible at the same time. Many believe The Philadelphia Experiment was a hoax, others believe it did happen and is being covered up. What is the real story? (The Real Story Behind The Philadelphia Experiment) *** Since the 1970s, over 30 dead girls and young women have been found in a single area off a Texas highway. Why is this place a magnet for such evil? (The Texas Killing Fields)


Ancient Accounts of a Fourth Dimension” by Ellen Lloyd: http://bit.ly/2NtcfWg

The Beechwood Lunatic Asylum”: http://bit.ly/2Zo7pjs

The Shadow Man”: (link no longer exists)

The Gruesome Mysteries of the Texas Killing Fields” by Brent Swancer: http://bit.ly/31Yt8vW

The Real Story Behind The Philadelphia Experiment” by Les Hewitt: http://bit.ly/340kqPx

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