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IN THIS EPISODE: (Archive episode – previously aired June 28, 2018) *** In parts of Africa it’s not the werewolf you need to look out for, but the were-hyena… and it’s almost always the local blacksmith that is the man behind the monster. (Lesser Known Morphing Monsters: The Shape-Shifter Hyena) *** Does the Vatican have a device that allows them to see in the past and the future? Some believe they do. And if it were to ever fall into the wrong hands, it could then create the “scariest dictatorship the world has ever seen.” (The Vatican’s Chronovisor) *** Some fathers will do whatever it takes to protect the virtue of their daughters. One man’s solution came at the end of an ax blade. (The Linville Murderer) *** A man believes the creature in his nightmares may be trying to speak with him. (Spirit Communicating Through My Dreams) *** A young girl is surprised to find the Easter Bunny visit her in the middle of the night. But many years later she learns it wasn’t either of her parents. (Easter Bunny Creeper) *** The stories range from the being inbred cretins running amok, to government created mutants, to escaped hydrocephalic patients from an insane asylum. What are the strange creatures people are seeing in the deep woods of Ohio? (Strange Encounters With The Bizarre Melonheads)


Lesser Known Morphing Monsters: The Shape-Shifter Hyena” by Nick Redfern: http://bit.ly/2lNmfOq

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Strange Encounters With The Bizarre Melonheads” by Brent Swancer: http://bit.ly/2keM2hS

Weird Darkness theme by Manuel Marino (http://bit.ly/2JLBRKp). Background music provided by EpidemicSound and AudioBlocks with paid license. Music by Shadows Symphony (http://bit.ly/2W6N1xJ) and Midnight Syndicate (http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ) is also sometimes used with permission.
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