WAS THE STAR GATE PROJECT REAL? and 4 More True Disturbing Stories! #WeirdDarkness

WAS THE STAR GATE PROJECT REAL? and 4 More True Disturbing Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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After the wealthy and prominent Blanche Monnier fell in love with a commoner, her mother did the unthinkable in an attempt to stop it – locking her in her room for years on end. (Locked Away For Falling In Love)

A similar story to that of Blanche Monnier, is the imprisonment of Elisabeth Fritzl. She spent 24 years in captivity, confined to a makeshift cellar and repeatedly tortured – by her own father. (The Horrifying Case of Elisabeth Fritzl)

Despite having one husband and two boyfriends over the years, Dolly Oesterreich continued to keep her secret lover hidden in her attic. (Lover In The Attic)

TOP secret CIA files have emerged from the 1950s exposing the explosive truth about alien UFOs visiting earth. (Bigger Than Roswell)

The Star Gate project. What was it, really? And did the government shut it down? (The Star Gate Project)


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