‘Bigfoot chases car’ video emerges in Russia

Footage showing a car being pursued by an unknown creature has been doing the rounds on social media. (Video below.)

The video, which was reportedly recorded back in 2016, first appeared online back in the summer but seems to have managed to evade the attention of the media until now.  The footage, which can be viewed further down the page, is somewhat difficult to make out due to the shakiness and poor resolution but shows what appears to be a humanoid creature attempting to catch up to a vehicle that is struggling to escape from the scene.  It was reportedly filmed by three girls and a man who can be heard talking and shouting during the footage, seemingly quite terrified by what was pursuing them.  In a recent report for Russian media site GRTK.TV, Igor Burtsev of the Moscow office of the International Center for Homology seemed to be quite convinced by the video.
“This, I think, is the second such case in the world,” he said. “So convincing. Because it is clear that this creature is running. Moreover, when we studied the freeze frames, I saw a bulge there at one turn – this is a woman’s chest. Do you understand? This is a female.”
“When we went to the forest, we saw broken branches. Yesterday we were there. And completely fresh creases. In local terms – this is shurale, and in Russian – it is called a goblin, and in a scientific way – a hominoid. Well, before, the yetis, the Bigfoot, were very actively called, but these are all the names of the same creature.”
Ultimately it’s difficult to know what to make of the footage or his analysis – certainly the video has been gaining a lot of attention in Russia and people seem to be taking it quite seriously.
Whether or not it shows an actual ‘Bigfoot’ (or Russia’s equivalent) remains unclear.
Skip to 00:30s in the video to watch the footage.

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