“THE REVENGE OF ANTOINE LE BLANC” and 9 More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives Double Trouble episode with stories from August 19-20, 2018) *** Did a Bigfoot like monster stalk the marshes of Fouke, Arkansas, in the 1970s? Is the claim that the monster in the film “Legend of Boggy Creek” based on real evidence? We’ll find out. (The Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek) *** Anyone can see a monster – even someone who believes in God – and you can even get a visit immediately after your bedtime prayers. (Red And Toothy) *** Amelia Dyer began as a loving caregiver of children – but later would be rumored to be responsible for the deaths of 400 children. (The Ogress of Reading) *** The parents leaving town, a teenager in the house alone… what could possibly go wrong? (When The Parents Are Away, The Devil Will Play) *** Homes… houses… vanishing without a trace. Sometimes they return, other times they don’t. What is behind this bizarre phenomenon?(Mysterious Disappearing Phantom Houses) ***AND MORE!

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“Dark Peak – UK’s Bermuda Triangle And The Mystery Of Ghost Airplanes” by A. Sutherland: http://bit.ly/2rsrE0e
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