Ghostly Face In The Mirror

Ghostly Face In The Mirror

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The photo above comes from Reddit’s r/paranormal. The OP writes:

The photo was taken of my twin sister and I on our 8th birthday. We had a very angry ghost that lived in the home with us. My mom had a dream about him, and the name ‘Thomas’ came to mind. Thomas would slam doors, whisper in our ears, and stand over our beds as we slept.

The encounters felt like they never stopped. Night or day, he would make his presence know. My mom did some research and found a census. It turns out a man named ‘Thomas’ did live in our home, and to our chilling discovery, he had a set of twin daughters who passed at a young age. I believe he was obsessed with us, and the day we moved, we all prayed and warned him not to follow us. This photo goes to show just how obsessed he was.

What do you think of the eerie image?

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