Eerie Happening While Listening To Weird Darkness

Weirdo family member Michael Carlson sent me this message:

Hey, Darren! Hope it’s been going well with you. Just wanted to share something kinda crazy that happened to me yesterday! So I was heading home from work and listening to Weird Darkness on the Children’s Blizzard episode (really great episode and I love when Montana gets mentioned lol) and I was going about 80 mph when all of the sudden the hood on my car came loose and flew back and smashed my windshield and caved the roof of my car in some. Thankfully I was able to hit the brakes and get off the interstate quick enough and didn’t have any more problems but it was just a crazy deal! Thankfully through it all the Lord protected me. Could have been very bad. I finished the episode after I recovered from that ordeal, lol.


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