Alien Abduction From A Tanning Bed?

(Originally posted at Phantoms and Monsters)

I fell asleep on my couch in Columbus, OH at around 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on 7-8-17. Then I woke up on my back, inside of what I equated to being an enclosed tanning bed-like apparatus. It felt as if I was traveling at a high rate of speed and the ride was very turbulent. I began to look around and one of the things I remember seeing is a worn down “yellow labeling” on the inside of whatever the hell I was enclosed in. The next thing I know, at least my head was no longer enclosed as I saw an alien take an object and touched my forehead with it and I was “out cold”. I woke back up on couch in the exact same position I fell asleep on with my CPAP on just as it was prior to this “possible abduction”. I had no fear, not sure why.. In the ensuing minutes after waking up I tried to make sense of what had happened. There was no missing time, I was back up within a half hour. Had a sick like feeling in my stomach, open waking up and its been on and off all day.

Description of the alien I saw: Structurally, it was similar to many of the common air craft aliens we see in our American pop culture documentaries (Short around 3 feet, thin body, big dark eyes, funny shaped head) accept this one had rather dark scaly skin, not true gray. One the the things that stood out was the wide of its arm and forearm, it was the equivalent of a broomstick width the arm was the same width as the forearm. I was unconscious seconds after he put the object between my eyebrows and forehead.

Other information about me which you may or may not find relevant.

Since the age of 8 years old I have been an experiencer of sleep paralysis -entity attacks, but even before this the paranormal world seemed to antagonize me at a really young age. I can remember some things just before the age of two. I’ve had thousands of negative nocturnal (non physical) attacks by paranormal entities, like smacking, prodding, choking and senses manipulation (I’ve also had a few positive ones like when I was tapped on the shoulder after falling asleep while feeding my infant son a bottle which caused the nipple to go adrift from his mouth.

Lately, I’d say within the last year, I’ve seen very bright lights in my dreams on more than one occasion. I have been “spiritually probed” several times, mostly in the back of my head – cerebellum, but also in the navel and unfortunately my fudge tunnel a time or two. I’m not psychotic or mental, I’ve never done drugs, and rarely consume alcohol.

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