“LUKA MAGNOTTA: MODEL, ACTOR, CANNIBAL” and 6 More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

LUKE MAGNOTTA: MODEL, ACTOR, CANNIBAL” and 6 More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: With Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” came angry criticism regarding Will Smith in the role of the genie – both how he looked and how he acted. But the truth behind real genies is much more terrifying. (The Horror Behind Real Genies) *** An army wife and Weirdo family member opens her heart and shares how horrible one of her homes felt, and the only relief she could find was moving out. (There’s No Place Like Anyplace Other Than Home) *** For centuries people in Britain have been reporting a large black beast terrorizing the countryside, killing the innocent – even now in the 21st century. Is the Black Shuck legend a ghost-hound, a huge stray dog – or perhaps an escaped panther? Maybe a werewolf? Or could it be a true-to-life hound from the fires of hell? (The Hellhound of England) *** A camping trip for young boys turns dark after a night of ghost stories that somehow come to life. (Shadows On The Cliff) *** A man goes hunting for hares in Australia – and encounters a large hairy beast instead. (The Gorillas of Eden) *** A young boy lovingly takes care of his grandmother every day – and strange happenings in her house don’t stop him. (The Other Company) *** Luka Magnotta would do anything for fame – and he chose the darkest and most sadistic way to achieve it. (Model, Actor, Cannibal)

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In today’s world of social media posts, comments, replies, shares, and likes, it has become an obsession for people to get noticed – sometimes doing extreme things to make it happen. Some take on dimwit internet challenges, others perform dangerous stunts on film, many hope to find fame by singing already popular songs. Then there are those on the darker side who want fame. Killing simply to get their name in the paper and on television. And to the darker side of dark, there is Luka Magnotta who chose to seek fame in the most horrific of ways… by becoming a murder – on camera – and then becoming a cannibal, while sending other body parts around the world… just for notoriety.

I’m Darren Marlar and this is Weird Darkness.

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Welcome, Weirdos – this is Weird Darkness. Here you’ll find stories of the paranormal, supernatural, legends, lore, crime, conspiracy, mysterious, macabre, unsolved and unexplained.

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With Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” came angry criticism regarding Will Smith in the role of the genie – both how he looked and how he acted. But the truth behind real genies is much more terrifying.

An army wife and Weirdo family member opens her heart and shares how horrible one of her homes felt, and the only relief she could find was moving out.

For centuries people in Britain have been reporting a large black beast terrorizing the countryside, killing the innocent – even now in the 21st century. Is the Black Shuck legend a ghost-hound, a huge stray dog – or perhaps an escaped panther? Maybe a werewolf? Or could it be a true-to-life hound from the fires of hell?

A camping trip for young boys turns dark after a night of ghost stories that somehow come to life.

A man goes hunting for hares in Australia – and encounters a large hairy beast instead.

A young boy lovingly takes care of his grandmother every day – and strange happenings in her house don’t stop him.

Luka Magnotta would do anything for fame – and he chose the darkest and most sadistic way to achieve it.

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When Lin Jun disappeared in 2012, his family and friends could never have imagined the horrors that lay in store. As the Luka Magnotta case unfolded, police would find extreme narcissism, cannibalism, and degradation – the likes of which Canada had never seen before. In one of the most bizarre deaths of 2012, Magnotta took Lin Jun’s life on camera, posted it to the Internet, gained a fanbase, and even sent body parts around the world, just to cause a stir. The Luka Magnotta crimes were grisly and looking deeper into them is bound to make some people queasy.

Before you listen on, be warned that this story is not for the faint of heart. Many descriptions here are pretty nauseating. You may be wondering, “What exactly did Luka Magnotta do?” The better question may be, what didn’t he do. His actions range from participating in maturely-themed films to violating a human corpse. As stated earlier, not exactly something you want to read about before bed. That being said, the case of Magnotta is one that is morbidly fascinating.

Luka Magnotta’s biggest claim to horrifying fame came when he began dating Lin Jun. Jun hid his preference for men from many people and was an international Chinese student from Wuhan at Concordia University. He began seeing Magnotta in 2012. Then, one day in May, he simply vanished.

On May 25th, a video surfaced online called, “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.” In the video, Jun is seen tied to a bed frame while Magnotta plunges into him over and over with an ice pick and a kitchen knife. Magnotta then dismembers Jun and desecrates the lifeless body. There is even a dog brought in to chew on the body. It would take days for people to recognize that they were bearing witness to Lin Jun’s actual demise.

While the video still exists in some corners of the web, the descriptions of its contents were graphic. Magnotta used Jun’s severed arm to fondle himself, forced his penis into the mouth of Jun’s severed head, and further sodomized the corpse with a wine bottle.

He also used a steak knife and a fork to cut away portions of Jun’s flesh, as if he may eat them. While the video posted online does not show this happening, police later reveal that there is additional footage that was never shared on the Internet. When they searched Magnotta’s apartment, they uncovered a longer version of the video and said that it looked like Magnotta was eating Jun’s flesh from his corpse. After he was caught, he was accused of cannibalism in court.

As police searched his apartment, another horrifying development took place. Strange, smelly, and blood-stained packages began to show up at various political party offices and schools throughout Canada. A hand and a foot showed up in Ottawa political offices and were quickly linked to Jun. False Creek Elementary School in British Columbia received a body part package, as did St. George’s School, a private school for boys. Police realized they were still missing the head, the leg, and the other foot.

While Jun’s head was later discovered in a park, some of the body parts never did turn up.

Magnotta had a bit of a history with the police before he even met Lin Jun. In 2010, he put up a video online called, “1 Boy 2 Kittens,” where he put two kittens in a vacuum bag, sucked out the air, and suffocated them. He was then seen rubbing the animals’ lifeless bodies against his genitals. In another video, he drowned his pet cat, and in yet another, he fed a kitten to a very large snake. He did this while wearing a hood or mask in order to hide his identity.

However, he had posed with the cats before and several unique personal items in the videos could identify him. Still, this was not enough to get police heavily involved. Online activist groups were outraged as they tried to get police to take these actions seriously. Ominously enough, one member on an activist Facebook group posted: “He might end up [harming] human beings one day. He might just not stop with animals.”

Prior to Jun’s murder and the kitten videos, Magnotta struggled to make ends meet. His modeling career and mediocre Internet fame weren’t bringing in enough cash for him, so Magnotta ended up turning to more lurid means of getting income. After high school, he started doing pornography, particularly gay films. He also is rumored to have been a gay escort and was definitely stripper at one point.

These side jobs began in 2002 or 2003, with him first stripping at Remmingtons in Toronto, and then moving on to recorded work, where he played a straight man turned gay with regularity. He sometimes used the name “Jimmy,” which he kept when he became an escort sometime later. A few of the videos he did remain on various websites.

Oddly enough, Luka Magnotta was not always called Luka Magnotta! Once upon a time, he was called Eric Clinton Kirk Newman, a considerably more ordinary name. Unfortunately, this name was the only part of his upbringing that could be considered normal.

His mother and father were both teens when he was born and he was homeschooled for much of his childhood with no contact with children his own age. His mother was a germaphobe and it is rumored that even when he was six or seven, his mother forced him to keep wearing diapers. Magnotta was verbally and physically abused, and it didn’t help that his father’s mental health was deteriorating. Money problems forced the Newmans out of their home, which actually proved beneficial for Magnotta because he started going to an actual school. However, shortly afterwards, his parents decided to get a divorce when he was 12.

From then on, Magnotta lived with his mother and her new lover, who was also abusive. School wasn’t going well – he was mercilessly teased, never graduated high school, and began showing signs of mental illness, just like his father.

Given the nature of how much messed up stuff shows up on the Internet, it makes sense that the public would be quick to call the video a fake. Magnotta had posted a hint that he would put up the video days before it happened, and perhaps those who watched his violent videos expected another cat one. When it did show up, most didn’t believe their eyes.

The police were among this disbelieving group. On multiple occasions, Interpol, the FBI, and the Toronto Police were informed of the video’s existence. For days, they ignored the video, assuming it was a fake, even when a lawyer by the name of Roger Renville was the one trying to bring attention to the video. Members of the website eventually named Luka Magnotta, and when Lin’s dismembered corpse was found in a suitcase outside a Montreal apartment building, police finally sprang into action.

So, what was Magnotta doing while police searched his apartment and tried to track down Jun’s body parts? He was running away to Europe, not only to hide, but to have a good time. Canada tried to let transportation services know that Magnotta was wanted, but by the time they got wise, they were informed that he had already boarded a plane to Paris. By the time police had reached his hotel room, he was gone, and all they found were pornographic magazines in his wake.

From there, he stayed with random men, some of whom he slept with (though not all), and took videos of himself. He went to parties and lived as he wasn’t on the lam. He was eventually caught in Berlin, when police found him reading news stories about himself at an Internet cafe. A narcissist, through and through.

Even while incarcerated, Magnotta was obsessed with keeping up appearances, seeming to thrive on media attention. Because of this and the gruesome behavior, the judge decided that the media would not be allowed in the court room. The judge wanted to be certain that Magnotta would not gain additional notoriety from his video or his actions. In addition, Magnotta was kept in solitary confinement.

Of course, Magnotta still managed to attract attention. China responded to his anti-Asian sentiments and his insanity defense was hotly debated. Keeping things quiet still didn’t keep Magnotta’s name out of the papers.

Magnotta was not only obsessed with his physical appearance, but also with his Internet persona. He maintained a presence on Stormfront, a white supremacist site, and had at least 70 pages on Facebook. He also frequented snuff film and gore sites, particularly Best Gore. It was there that he posted the Lin Jun video, but not before posting a preview video, hyping up his watchers and promising a better video soon.

After the attack, he posted about his actions, brazenly bragging and talking about his bloodlust. He made a video of himself, smoking and enjoying life in Europe as he fled. He even told one reporter by email: “Once you [hurt someone] and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.”

Possibly the most terrifying thing left after Magnotta’s incarceration is that he still has people who greatly admire him. People send him love letters in prison; his dark videos still circulate online, and a few fans even try to emulate his look. There are fan pages for Magnotta on Facebook and entire websites devoted to him.

His cult following says they support him against persecution. One fan online states: ***”Maybe it’s my mind’s way of coping with the inexplicable dichotomy of Beauty and the Beast… The extreme beauty of the person versus the extreme ugliness of the alleged [act]. I don’t know. All I do know is that I feel powerless to control these thoughts, and there is an amazing, physical, warm sensation when I think of him, something akin to love.”****

Luckily for the rest of the populace, Magnotta won’t be getting out of prison to meet his many fans anytime soon.

Magnotta was absolutely smitten with himself. In 2006, Magnotta began dating a transgendered woman named Barbie. She shared about how deep his narcissism ran, as his apartment was like a shrine dedicated to himself and his favorite pastime was having his picture taken.

In 2007, Magnotta auditioned for a reality show called Cover Guy, during which he spoke at length about the work he had done, saying that he was”devastatingly good-looking.” When he didn’t get onto that show, he tried out for another reality show called Plastic Makes Perfect, where he told the judges: “I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had two hair transplants. And I’m planning on having muscle implants in my pecs and my arms.” For Magnotta, appearance was everything.

Magnotta didn’t stop with animal abuse. In 2004, Magnotta began seeing a mentally handicapped woman. He took advantage of her and forced her to buy credit cards for him. Magnotta then spent over $10,000 before he was caught and charged. During sentencing, Magnotta was told he had a serious psychiatric issue and needs to take medication. His sentence was for 12 months probation.

Police originally believed Magnotta sexually assaulted the mentally handicapped woman and filmed it. However, the charges concerning that assault were dropped before the trial.

Magnotta loved spreading rumors about himself. While animal rights activists were hunting him down, Magnotta would go on message boards and post pictures of himself, as if saying, “Come and get me.” There was even a time where he spread an Internet rumor that he was dating Karla Homolka who allegedly aided her husband, Paul Bernardo, in the assault and murder of at least three teenage girl.

This was so well-believed that he was interviewed about it by the Toronto Sun, where he coyly denied the very rumor he had started.

* * * * * * * * * *

If the mythological beings who appear in movies to grant people wishes were jinn rather than genies, the person who rubbed their lamp might wish they hadn’t. Jinn are the supernatural creatures who inspired the modern-day genie, but unlike the magical characters of I Dream of Jeannie and Walt Disney’s Aladdin, these beings aren’t interested in helping people and making friends. Tales of jinn go back long before the advent of Islam, but their inclusion in the Quran gave them the notoriety that has allowed them to permeate our modern culture. In some parts of the world, flesh-eating, malevolent jinn are lesser-known paranormal entities similar to lamp-dwelling genies.

What is a jinn? There are different categories of jinn, and while not all are evil, the ones who are can be pretty scary. Some jinn may be content with playing pranks, but others are said to possess people, which can sometimes lead to exorcisms gone wrong. Since they live in a world parallel to humans, these beings can’t be seen unless they reveal themselves. Like the creepy night hag, jinn simultaneously exist in their world and ours, and they do whatever they please.

Jinn are not inherently good or evil, although many choose to indulge in bad behavior. They have a reputation for being mischievous and are known to deceive and fool humans. In addition to pulling pranks, they may change shape, tell lies, or otherwise lead people astray and corrupt them.

Some people also blame jinn for their health problems. In 2000, teachers at a school in Saudi Arabia blamed jinn for causing seizures in their students. Some even believe jinn can trick doctors into giving incorrect diagnoses and performing unnecessary surgeries.

Islamic scholars refer to jinn as dual dimensional, meaning they have the ability to exist in both the human world and their own. Because of this, along with their ability to shapeshift, jinn are never seen by humans unless they choose to reveal themselves. In fact, “jinn” is translated as something concealed, invisible, or hidden. Some Islamic scholars believe humans will never even be able to understand jinn, aside from the few messengers and prophets who have been able to maintain contact.

According to witnesses, jinn sometimes have hooves or hairy legs, can be male or female, and have the ability to fly. Some believe each person is assigned an individual jinn who watches over them and acts as a companion. The connection between jinn and human is sometimes so close that stories have emerged about humans and jinn falling in love.

According to the Quran, Allah created angels the day before he created jinn, saying, “Indeed We created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And We created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire.” It’s generally believed all angels are jinn, but not all jinn are angels. Unlike angels, which Allah created from light to follow his commandments, Allah gave jinn free will and magical powers – making them kind of like a group of super-powered humans.

It was this free will that eventually led the jinn to grow prideful over thousands of years and believe themselves better than Allah. Angered by this, Allah sent the angels to fight them, offing most of the evil jinn in the process. Allah then created man from clay and ordered the angels and jinn to honor Adam, the first man.

Jinn share many qualities with humans, the most important of which is free will. They choose what to do with their lives; they can get married, have children, drink, eat, find jobs, form communities, and decide whether or not to be Muslim.

Like humans, jinn will supposedly be judged on the Final Day of Reckoning. According to Islam, Allah assesses jinn just like humans and sends them to paradise or hell depending on how they lived.

According to some Islamic researchers, jinn can possess people. In stories, people possessed by jinn often speak in tongues, have seizures, or become uncharacteristically aggressive. Luckily, believers say jinn can be exorcized through ceremonies that include reading from the Quran or using incense, charms, animal teeth, or salt to drive the jinn away. In some cases, people have physically beaten possessed people to remove the jinn.

In addition to people, jinn can also inhabit inanimate objects, including precious stones and gems. They may haunt houses or other buildings like schools, as well as sewers and drain pipes.

While most people are unable to see jinn, poets and prophets share a special connection with them. Several Arabic poets throughout history claimed to have been inspired by their jinn, leading to the creation of the term “sha’ir” to explain this supernatural phenomenon. According to Islam, Allah sent the prophet Muhammad to share his word among the jinn as well as humans.

King Solomon of Israel also could communicate with jinn, and used it to make them do what he wanted. Solomon reportedly forced rebellious jinn to help him cure sick people and persuaded them to construct the First Temple.

While many jinn are content to either ignore or simply play pranks on humans, the category of jinn known as ghouls, from the Arabic “ghūl,” would rather eat them. As some of the most feared jinn, ghouls enjoy feasting on flesh and drinking blood.

In ancient times, people told stories of ghouls who would walk through the desert to prey on travelers. The dangerous jinn would transform into beautiful women to attract their prey. Some legends claim men married ghouls without knowing their true form and became their next meal.

It’s believed ghouls spend most of their time in uninhabited or abandoned places, especially ruins and graveyards.

Considered to be among the evilest of all jinn, ifrit build communities and establish social hierarchies similar to those of humans. Ifrit usually marry and have children among members of their clans or tribes, but stories exist about their relations with humans. Some even marry humans and have children with them.

Many people believe ifrit hang out in ancient ruins to protect them. Legends claim these jinn will end the lives of trespassers that enter these areas without using the proper spells. Believers say people should avoid ifrit whenever they can, as the spirits can be dangerous.

The Romans adopted jinn into their culture as they expanded their empire into parts of modern Syria. Their version of jinn were benevolent guardians, though, and the Romans referred to these spirits in Latin as “genii.” Many years later in 1704, Antoine Galland translated Arabian Nights, also known as 1001 Nights, for European readers for the first time. He produced the first translation in French and substituted the jinn of the story with the French word “génie.” As the stories spread and people translated them into other languages, the word “genie” stuck, as did the idea of the spirits being all-powerful yet kind-hearted.

A few stories in Arabian Nights, including Aladdin, didn’t appear in the original and are believed to have been written by Galland himself. After inspecting Galland’s diaries, scholars learned a man named Hanna Diyab told Galland the additional stories, and Galland wrote them down. However they came to be, the tales in Arabian Nights molded our conception of genies into the beings seen in modern movies and television.

Jinn known as marid are what most people picture when they think of genies. Marid jinn wield a lot of power and grow to a large size – their name means “giant” in Arabic – and they have the ability to shapeshift. According to legend, marid can grant wishes – but require a lot of convincing to do so.

It’s said that flattery works to earn the favor of a marid. If compliments don’t do the trick, a summoner may need magic to imprison them.

Although there is debate as to whether he was an angel or a jinn, one being named Iblis refused to obey Allah’s words. When Allah created man and asked the angels and jinn to bow before Adam, Iblis thought himself superior to humans and refused. Allah then forced Iblis to leave paradise and live in hell. Iblis accepted this but requested that he be allowed to remain in contact with humans so he could try to influence them towards evil.

Some theologians compare Iblis to Satan, but point out Iblis has no power over humans. Any evil actions blamed on him are the fault of the sinners.

Long before Muhammad began sharing the Quran, many ethnic groups in the Middle East, including ancient Mesopotamians, Bedouins, and Arabs, believed in jinn. They worshiped them, connected the jinn to the natural world, and thought they held power over the fertility of the land. To the ancient Mesopotamians, these often shapeless demons were neither good nor bad, but could arrive via storms or strong winds to punish the wicked and cause disease.

Although jinn are sometimes referred to as demons, the term is a translation of the Greek word “daimon,” meaning “spirit,” and didn’t have implications of evil in the ancient world. Even frightening jinn like Pazuzu, featured in William Friedkin’s 1973 film The Exorcist, were not all evil. The Mesopotamians sometimes called on Pazuzu to protect children and women.

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Hi Darren. I’ll start with saying that I’d like to remain anonymous about this and you’ll see why when you read on.  I love your show and the way you handle the dark topics while also helping your listeners keep a foot on safe ground. I’ve had a life of recurring creepiness and encounters and couldn’t decide which topic to share with you until this morning. The universe forced me into a certain story that is not my own, well partially.
For years I’ve lived on a military base. I got there with excitement and positivity, looking eagerly into the future with my new husband and new family. I was ecstatic at the possibilities!
I believe that places have energy, as many of your past episodes may attest to as well. The place we lived in was dark and angry, sometimes painfully sad for no reason. I couldn’t get myself to feel happy even though I had every reason to be happy. I’ve always been a happy person with the desire to push forward. Roadblocks were a thrilling challenge to me. Something about this place made me feel hopeless and miserable. I would have days where I literally would shake my head and think, “wait; I’m not mad” or “I don’t feel this way right now; why am I feeling like this?” The rest of the day, sometimes for weeks I could keep this up. I’d remind myself that those weren’t my feelings and I’d be so happy. Most of the time it was a major struggle. Mind you, I never felt this way before in my life.
I would leave for weeks to visit friends; head out on the road for adventure. I’d immediately feel better: free, energetic and amazing! It was always hard to go back “home” to that place.
Well, I just moved and I can’t explain the feeling. Like I jumped off a cliff hoping for the best and landed gracefully on my feet and the wind in my hair cleaned that place from me and now I can live life the way I always have. I feel like myself again and I’m so happy! I was just thinking to myself how I escaped that place and how I’m glad we made it out as a family.
Well, Darren, this is where you and your show come in. This morning, only days after moving, we heard news that there was a suicide on base. I don’t know the airman and would never say a name, but I needed to talk about it with someone. There have been more than 5 suicides this year already. I should clarify, the way I felt, so dark and trapped. So sad and lonely, and I’m not even the one serving our country. I’m just living there to be with my husband so I can’t imagine feeling this way about where you live and having that ADDED to the pressures of being active duty.
I truly think the place has something hanging over it. I’ve never been so unhappy while having the perfect life. There were several scary events I could list for you. Ghost stories and creepy things happening constantly. Something mimicking our voices to each other in the house and much much more, but this, Darren, this scares me to my bones. I was living someone else’s emotions or being pulled down by the general energy of the place the whole time I had to be there. I can’t explain it, but something is terribly wrong with that place. I wanted to message you because I know you’ll pray and have a lot of people Behind you sending good energy to this place. (If you decide to leave this line out I understand-I’m staying anonymous because military comes with such controversy and if they identify me my husband could have some problems because of me bringing it up in such a public place. I hesitate to state the location) perhaps everyone can take a moment to send good energy to the troops in general. No matter your opinion, these are young kids and they’re out in very adult situations alone.  Every time I hear your intro I think living in darkness isn’t just depression; sometimes it could be a lot more. Sometimes it CAN BE your physical location. For me, this place was the darkness and now I’m free. Many young airmen and their spouses are there alone and with no one to keep in touch with to stay connected or to feel loved. I always felt like a strong powerhouse of a woman and that place broke me down to bits. I’ll have that place in my prayers every day of my life, but I never want to go back.
You definitely don’t need to read this on the show. I kind of just needed to vent a little, but if you do read it I apologize for the vagueness. I know you already devote time to the topic. I truly feel that there is more than depression going on here in this situation. It was so hard to live there. I’m blessed to have moved and feel so great right now. I feel a haze over the last few years of my life. I remember so many bad moments, but nothing in between. It’s like I was just going through the motions of life, but not living. I feel like I woke up a few days ago from a 3 year nightmare and it’s the creepiest feeling. (we moved and drove away knowing we don’t have to go back only this past Tuesday)
Well, I better stop rambling. Thank you for all you do. You’re an inspiration and I love your work. I hope you know how much you’re appreciated and admired by all of us weirdos! – Signed, Anonymous

* * * * * * * * * *

A hound from hell has allegedly plagued the area of England known as East Anglia for centuries. In 1577, reports of a large demonic dog that had killed multiple people struck fear into the deeply religious residents of the region. They described the dog as being 7 feet tall, with glowing red eyes and the ability to strike people lifeless in an instant, which it had reportedly done in two local churches. It was known as the Black Shuck.

When it comes to the Black Shuck hellhound legend, verifiable facts are few and far between, but reported sightings and stories abound. Even today, hundreds of Brits every year claim to have seen the Black Shuck while walking through the Fens and the foggy countryside. So what are they really seeing? Whatever it is, in their minds they’re witnessing an English legend from their childhoods come to life.

The most famous sightings of the Black Shuck date back to the late 1500s, though some believe it appeared with a hunting party made up entirely of ghosts all the way back in 1127. In a pamphlet written in 1578, Abraham Flemingdescribed the beast as a “black dog or the [devil] in such a likeness.”

The pamphlet detailed events of the previous year, when the Black Shuck reportedly attacked St Mary’s Church in Bungay. According to Fleming, the dog appeared to have “wrung the necks” of two people kneeling in prayer.

On August 4, 1577, a ferocious thunderstorm struck the small Suffolk town of Bungay, bringing the threat of strong winds and fire from lightning strikes. The citizens were terrified and gathered in St Mary’s Church to pray, but the church couldn’t keep them safe.

According to the legend, the church doors flew open and a giant black hellhound charged inside, slaying parishioners as it made its way down the aisle. An old verse goes: *****All down the church in midst of fire, the hellish monster flew, And, passing onward to the quire, he many people slew.*****

The demon dog then went on to the Blythburgh church about 12 miles away, where it took the lives of even more people and caused further damage.

Although no official records exist of the losses occurring that night, a church official did prepare a report that noted the passing of two men in the belfry of St Mary’s, and both churches did suffer significant damage.

Today, the damage and mortality rates are attributed to the storm itself, but superstition was part of life in those days. It’s possible that the damage was real while the cause turned into a metaphoric moral warning.

The Black Shuck has a mixed reputation. In the earlier days of the legend, the Shuck was known as a negative omen; in its first encounters, it was even said to have eliminated people directly.

Today, the Shuck’s reputation has received an unlikely makeover. Some modern witnesses – particularly women – have reported that the Shuck acted as a protector and guided them home when they were lost at night.

Numerous witnesses have described the Black Shuck over the years. Most of the descriptions are consistent – except for the Shuck’s eyes. While most agree that they glow bright red, some say the Shuck has only one giant eye in the middle of its head. The rest of the general description includes a roughly 7-foot-tall body, shaggy black fur, and a snarling mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Perhaps the most chilling part concerns the sounds the Shuck makes – or doesn’t make. “Although his howling makes the hearer’s blood run cold, his footfalls make no sound,” according to a 1901 account.

In 2014, archaeologists discovered a skeleton in a shallow grave on the grounds of the crumbling Leiston Abbey in Suffolk. They determined the bones belonged to an enormous male dog around 7 feet tall. It was buried 20 inches underground alongside pottery shards that dated back to the late 1500s.

Some chose to believe the bones proved the Shuck’s existence, while others were quick to say it was all a hoax. While it would be exciting to find the skeleton of the animal that terrorized East Anglia 500 years ago, the more likely explanation is that it was a large pet dog that belonged to a member of the church.

They look like scorch marks from a candle, but according to many East Anglians, the burn marks still visible on a door in the Blythburgh church were left by the Black Shuck. In other versions of the story, the marks were left not by the demon dog, but by the devil himself as he entered or left the church.

Those who believe and appreciate the story of the Black Shuck treasure the door today. Along with the canine skeleton found in another nearby abbey, the door marks are the best available physical proof of the Black Shuck, even if they are inconclusive.

The Black Shuck’s legend has penetrated far beyond its home in East Anglia. Today, many Black Dog inns and pubs exist throughout England. The Shuck has gone from terrifying legend to cultural icon – at least in the daytime.

The town of Bungay, home to one of the churches the Black Shuck was said to have attacked in 1577, embraces its Shuck connection. The town’s crest incorporates a black dog running on a lightning bolt, and Bungay’s community football club is called the Black Dogs.

While the black dog of East Anglia is mainly known as the Black Shuck, ghostly black dogs go by many names in England and around the world, including the Gurt Dog, Padfoot, Barghest, the Hairy Hound, the Yeth Hound, the Grim, and Cù Sìth.

The name “Shuck” has two potential origins: the Old English “scucca,” which means devil, demon, or goblin; and “shucky” in the local dialect, which means shaggy, possibly referencing the dog’s black coat.

Although the legend of the Black Shuck sounds like a story purely from the past, people still report plenty of sightings of the giant ghostly hound today. A website called Shuckland is dedicated to sightings of the dog.

Redditor /u/idoubtitsfalse12 recalled a Black Shuck encounter that took place in a foggy area near a meadow in Cambridge:

*****I suddenly saw something sprint through the fog in front of me. I thought I was hallucinating as I was sleep-deprived so I called out, “Oi, if that’s someone f*cking around trying to be funny it’s not working”… Getting more and more unnerved by the second… I suddenly saw the black streak run around me again… As I tried to get my bearings, I heard a heart-stopping growl. Like a Rottweiler or Alsatian was ready to attack, that guttural, snarling growl they make when [they] really want to hurt you… [N]o way was it a deer, a fox, or a person; it was either a fuming dog or something else… Not being able to see where I was going I slipped… rolling down a river bank… I saw this huge black shaggy-coated dog almost like a huge mix of an Irish wolfhound and a Newfoundland… 5 feet tall just sitting down on the opposite bank… its piercing red eyes staring at me. They bore into my soul almost letting me know that morning I was… very lucky to be on the opposite side of the bank.*****

Tales of the Black Shuck date back about 500 years, when native wolves still roamed the British forests and fields. As some wolves are black, it’s possible that large wolves were responsible for some of the alleged Black Shuck sightings.

Wolves were hunted to extinction in the UK around 300 years ago because they attacked herds of sheep when the country was in the midst of a wool production boom.

Although the Black Shuck has always been described as a canine, one modern theory to explain Shuck sightings suggests it might be a big cat – not a large house cat, but a jaguar or panther, which can be completely black.

As unlikely as it may seem in rural England, people have reported hundreds of big cat sightings there, from lions to leopards. Because the animals are not native to the UK, local officials look into places the cats could have escaped or been illegally released from, such as zoos or private collections.

Some East Anglians believe the Black Shuck is simply an old legend used to scare children and make them behave. That may be true, but plenty of frightened adults still report seeing the Black Shuck today. So what should you do if you encounter the Shuck while wandering the English countryside?

If you face a large, living angry dog, the smartest move is to stay calm and not make eye contact. If the dog tries to attack you, try to give it something to bite other than you, such as a jacket, sweatshirt, stick, or shoe. Safeguard the most vulnerable areas of your body: fingers, face, thighs, chest, and throat.

Many animal shelters face an issue called black dog syndrome. Black dogs, especially large ones, have a much harder time getting adopted than lighter-colored dogs. A possible cause might be negative associations attributed to black animals (black cats are associated with witches and bad luck, for example).

The centuries-old connection between black dogs and the devil has been reinforced over generations, with children growing up hearing the tale of the Black Shuck – and not just in England. Worldwide, stories of black devil dogs have made black dog syndrome a global problem. Organizations have formed to help black dogs in shelters and to educate the public to remove layers of unwarranted fear.

* * * * * * * * * *

Stories of strange animals are well-entrenched in Australian folklore. Reports of tigers, panthers and pumas are common throughout the south coast of New South Wales, but perhaps the strangest of all these tales are reports of hair-covered, man-like monsters.

One south-coast location with a long history of these stories is the coastal town of Eden. Surrounded by beautiful national parks and dense bushland, the town is situated on historic Twofold Bay.

Eden is a popular holiday destination. During the 1970s Kos Guines of Frankston, Victoria, and his family spent several Christmas holidays in the area. One sunny afternoon in December 1977, Mr Guines took his sons to Monk Farm, a long-abandoned, overgrown property 16 kilometres inland from Pambula. The plan was to do a little rabbit shooting. Not everything, however, went quite according to plan.

Just after sunset, with plenty of light remaining, Mr Guines was walking very quietly down a gully when he was startled by a sudden crash in the bracken: ***** “I swung round, startled – anticipating perhaps a kangaroo – and saw the back of a huge black creature like a gorilla making off from only 10 metres … I brought up my shotgun and had a shot at it. No way I’d miss from that range. But it made no noise -just loped off into a cavity in the scrub.”*****

Although upright, the creature wasn’t particularly tall – only about the height of a small man – but much, much broader. The detail that stayed most vividly in Mr Guines’ mind was the way its dome-shaped head seemed to sit directly on its huge shoulders, as if it had no neck at all.

After 20 years in Australia, Mr Guines, originally from Greece, was familiar with all of the larger native animals, so he assumed the creature was an escaped gorilla. Although it seemed to have departed, he hurried to stand guard over his sons as they cleaned rabbits in a nearby creek. He thought later the creature might have blundered into him while seeking to avoid the boys.

One interesting aspect of Mr Guines’ experience is that just six kilometres south of where he shot the “gorilla” a steep, stark, rather eerie looking mountain called Egan Peaks, or The Jingera, looms high above the surrounding bush. Colonial-era Aborigines believed The Jingera to be an abode of the ‘yahoo’, a strange hair covered man-like creature.

Mr Guines wasn’t the first person in the Eden area to claim to have encountered a gorilla. The Sydney Catholic Presscarried the following report from Candelo in early August 1903:

*****A great sensation was caused here last Thursday when a gentleman came into the township and stated that he was startled by seeing what he termed a gorilla between Candelo and here. He says it was fully the size of a full-grown man, with abnormally long arms and large head. It bounded right on to the cutting, gazed at him in a weird sort of way, and made a most unearthly noise; it then leaped right over a fence and made for the ranges with the speed of an antelope.*****

The early 1900s saw many sightings. In August 1906, the Bega Budget carried the following report from Eden:

*****Mr. Alf. Smith, of the Lakes, (Eden district) distinctly saw a hairy man a short distance from him a few days ago, and had a shot at it with a shot gun without effect. He says it strongly resembles a gorilla, is between 5 and 6 ft. high, has long hair over the main body and short arms.*****

Seven years later in 1913, the Lismore Northern Star described a similar experience near Mountain Top:

*****Fred Alcock had an encounter with what he terms a hairy man at Mountain Top, Eden, one night lately. He was riding along when he noticed something coming towards him on all fours. On getting close to him it straightened up to its full height, and Fred’s horse, aided by its rider, not choosing to wait … made a record trip to Greenland.*****

A Delegate Argus item from June 1930 also tells of a strange animal seen near Nullica:

*****Children of the Nullica River settlement have been scared and excited by the appearance in proximity to their homes of a strange animal, brown in colour, much larger than the average cattle dog and resembling a monkey in shape. That, at least, is the description given of it by Tommy Bobbin, the biggest of the two boys who have seen it. He has seen it on several occasions, once at a distance of only a few feet. The first time he saw it the animal was sitting up in a gorilla-like attitude, with what appeared to be a stick in one of its hands. Terrified, but brave, Tommy threw at it a cob of corn which he was eating, and thereupon the horrible looking creature disappeared into the scrub. Subsequently it was seen by other children, and they ran homeward, screaming hysterically. All attempts to convince the children that the animal may have been a strange dog are scouted by the children, some of whom at least are old enough to know the difference between a monkey and a dog. The parents have so far not sighted the animal, the identity of which is so far a complete mystery.*****

Many local residents still claim something strange lurks in the Eden bush. In the mid-1980s, when George Fairweather was 16 or 17 years old, he, Michael Innes and Andrew Petrie had a frightening encounter on the southern outskirts of Eden.

As they were walking along a narrow track accompanied by Michael’s large, rather savage, bull terrier, they all suddenly seemed to sense something was amiss.

“It was almost like a bit of a psychic experience,” said George, “because we all seemed to stop together – including the dog. Everybody knew something was not right … we stopped dead – and then saw the thing.” The “thing” was a “seven or eight foot tall loping animal” and it crossed the path only 10 or 15 feet ahead. Even 13 years later, just thinking about it gave George “a funny, wobbly feeling” in the legs.

“It took two or three good steps across the track … towards a gully … and was gone. It was just a silhouette, really; it was a full moon and a bit overcast, we couldn’t see any hair or detail, but it was much taller than any man – even while stooped!” It seemed bent at the knees and had “a peculiar, non-human gait, difficult to describe.” There was no vocalisation, or even the sound of footfalls. No unusual odour was apparent. We froze for a good couple of seconds, then turned and walked away about 20 metres, walking as if over broken glass – and then ran!”

In the mid 1990s, while fossicking in a quarry six kilometres south of Eden, local resident Maria Speer noticed a more than two-metre-tall creature watching her from nearby bush.

*****“It was brown, thickset and short-necked with powerful, solid shoulders. It was standing upright on two legs and when it saw me it crashed off into the bush. My impression was that I had seen a powerful man-like creature. America’s Bigfoot would be an identical type.”*****

So, exactly what is haunting the dark woods that surround this beautiful, remote holiday destination?

* * * * * * * * * *

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A young boy lovingly takes care of his grandmother every day – and strange happenings in her house don’t stop him.

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Hi, I’m not really sure if this story is a ghost story in the true sense of the word but it’s definitely weird and does involve darkness so it might be what your looking for.

I was about 8 or 9 years old when I had the chance to attend a Summer Cubs Camp in England. For those who don’t know Cubs is like Scouts but for younger children. Anyway, at the camp we did the usual things like building camp fires, hiking and generally behaving like hyperactive children do. There was about 10 of us in the troop and we shared a couple of tents between us. We were confined to these tents from about 9pm and as the leaders were still up until much later there was no real chance to sneak out in other tents or go exploring at night. This was probably why we ended up telling ghost stories in the tent. From what i remember most of the ghost stories were just reworking of Ghostbusters cartoons but there was one kid, who I’ll call Richard who said that when his brother had been to the camp a few years before he’s seen a strange human shaped shadow by the side of the lake. For some reason this story seemed a bit more believable than the others but it didn’t stop me getting a good night’s sleep.

A couple of days later the leaders surprised us with a late night expedition which after a walk of a couple of miles lead us to a camp fire next to a lake. We had a great time eating hot dogs and drinking pop before sitting down around the camp fire while packing our bags in preparation for the walk back to the camp. A couple of the kids and one of the leaders had walked off to the edge of the lake as it was clear night to enjoy the view. I was asked to go and tell them that it was time for us to leave. I walked to them and as it was a clear night with a full moon it was easy to see them. I walked towards them but they didn’t hear me, so i walked closer. They were standing on the edge of a small cliff and i was walking through a small group of trees. As i got closer I stopped as i could a mist or shadow near them. This seemed a bit strange as it was a clear, dry night and i don’t remember there being much wind. This mist/shadow seemed really weird as it kind of had an indistinct form and almost seemed to be glittering. I was so engrossed with it that at first i didn’t notice another shadow closer to Richard. It’s hard to describe but it scared me to the point that all i could see was the cliff, Richard and the shadows. But as soon as i saw the second shadow they both seemed to collapse upon themselves. At this point the group turned around and spotted me. I was going to tell them what i saw but it didn’t exactly sound believable as i barely believed it myself. I didn’t sleep very well that night.

I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and really enjoy it and even though you have lots of listeners sending in similar stories i thought that i’d tell you about it as i know what i saw that night, even if no-one else did.

* * * * * * * * * *

During my early teenage years, my parents told me to look out for my grandmother since her helper got injured when she accidentally slipped going down a ramp. Since it was my grandmother personally who asked my parents for me to look out for her at her house, I gladly agreed. As I remember, my Grandmother was on her 90th year by that time. It was okay for me since our house is just next door. Before going to school in the morning, I would prepare her breakfast. Right after going to school, I would go directly to my grandma’s house and assist her with what she needs; make her a cup of coffee, fetch her slippers, guide her going to the bathroom and even watch TV with her. Every night I would tuck her in bed, I sleep every night inside her room just by the sofa near her bed, there’s a half-wall separating us, it remained barely covered for me to still see her if she’s doing okay. We share one electric fan that turns simultaneously to the both of us, though there is an air-condition unit on her room, we only use it if it’s burning hot inside the room. All was going well, we enjoyed accompanying each other for the past few months. Well that was until strange things started to happen.

One night, while lying by the couch inside my grandma’s room, I heard the door creak, I can see clearly from where I was lying, the door had opened. I thought that maybe it was just not closed tight and the wind blew it which seldomly happens, I decided to stand up to close the door, I looked outside first to see if someone might have pushed the door open but no one was there, I closed the door and went back to bed, after few minutes later it opened again, I got up quickly thinking I might have just not closed it tight or someone is still awake and playing a prank on me. I immediately looked outside and saw someone running up the next floor giggling, I quickly thought that it was my cousin because his room was upstairs and we mostly do pranks to each other.

With a bit of frustration, I shouted to him “Tsk. Dang it Mel, stop playing around, you might wake up Lola”.

After that, I closed and locked both locks of the door so that he won’t be able to do it again. I was irritated by that and decided to lie down and pick up my phone. I messaged my aunt to tell my cousin not to do that during this time of night for grandma might wake up. I decided to play games on my phone to feel sleepy, after a few minutes later my eyes were ready to rest when suddenly my phone beeped.

It was a message reply from my aunt, I opened the message and read “Hi Mac, Mel is not yet home from school, they’re finishing up their dance practice, maybe it was Mike whom you saw”. I had goosebumps raising all over me, t-that couldn’t have been Mike, I know that Mike isn’t home yet for he told me early morning that he’ll stay on a friend’s house. Just after realizing that, I heard something. It was rattling sounds that came from the door as if someone was trying to open it.

“Click”, I heard a sound and sure that was the sound of the 1st door handle being unlocked.

“Click”, another click and I was very sure that was the sound of the second door lock.

“Creeeeek”, the door slowly open. From where I was lying, I can see clearly the door slowly open, as the door was fully open, I heard a giggling sound and saw a shadow cast from the light outside, it was a figure of a little kid standing just by the door. Just by then, I saw it moved like it was slowly walking inside the room. I was now freaking out and started to panic. On not knowing what to do, I just quickly covered my face with the blanket. Now I can hear the giggling sound getting louder and louder and felt like it was getting closer and closer to me.

Next thing I knew, I woke up at our house with a high fever and couldn’t speak. When I got better, my mom told me that my cousin was knocking by the door that morning but I wasn’t answering, my grandma was the one who hurriedly opened the door and told my cousin that I was shaking and have a high fever. They tried to talk to me but I wasn’t speaking so my cousin decided to lift and carry me back to our house to get treated. I don’t recall any of that happening, I didn’t tell anyone yet what I saw that night for they might think and say that it was just a bad nightmare that I had but for me that was very much real.

Two days after getting better, I returned back to my grandmother’s house after school, she asked me to prepare a meal for her and a hot choco because she was feeling hungry. I went to the kitchen and prepared it. She asked me if I could bring it inside her room instead because her knees were aching and is difficult for her to walk to the kitchen, I agreed and went back to the kitchen to bring the meal to her, as I gave her the hot chocolate she said to me…

“Mac, can you also give that little kid some hot choco? She’s been standing there all day now.”, I felt a chill all over my body as she pointed by the door where she claims to see the little kid. I turned around but saw no one there. I told her that no one’s there but she kept on insisting and pointing that there’s a little kid standing by the door.

After that, I decided to tell my parents what happened on the night I had a high fever. They weren’t all that surprised because of what they already knew. They told me that sometimes at night, they see by the kitchen window a little kid running around as if it was playing, sometimes they could even here the giggle of a little kid. They never told me this until that moment because I might no longer accompany my grandma. Right after that, they asked for the house to get blessed but after that I no longer always stay at my grandma’s house. Me and my brother alternately go there to accompany her.

* * * * * * * * * *

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