Paranormal investigator tells of ghosts haunting this Derbyshire pub

(By Jordon Coussins for Derby Telegraph)

A paranormal investigator who has been visiting some of Derbyshire’s most haunted locations has spoken about his experience at a Belper pub. Simon Dean, who runs Derby Paranormal Investigations, went to The George and Dragon Pub, in Bridge Street, Belper, to find out what went on after last orders.

The George and Dragon Pub has been one of the oldest and finest public houses in Belper for more than 200 years.

Craig the landlord was very friendly when I visited and opened up about stories of the paranormal in the pub.

Craig’s other half, Rebecca, once rang a medium regarding visiting the George to hold a group reading at the pub.

The medium said: “In the bar entrance to your right is a corner where a door once was, which is now blocked up. In the area where the door was is a bench seating area. There are jolly and mischievous spirits there. I will not visit as there are other spirits deeper in that place – you don’t want them coming through!”

Another experience happened in one of the upstairs bathrooms. While Rebecca was in the bathroom the lock on the door started to rattle.

Startled, but not scared, she opened the door to see who was there and nobody was around. She closed and locked the door again.

This time the lock started to rattle and then started to be pulled back but, again, when she opened the door the corridor was empty!

There also stories of a lady that hanged herself in one of the upstairs areas. Her spirit has apparently been there ever since.

The presence of a small child has also been felt in and around the bar area. One day, while Craig was in the bar alone, he noticed a white dot of light moving around the bar. He watched this dot until he exited via the pub entrance.

The next day his cat was knocked down by a car and sadly died.

I recommend you pay this place a visit if you are ever in the area.

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