“COULD UFOS BE TULPAS?” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

COULD UFOS BE TULPAS?” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: But did police have the right man? (The Disappearance of Lauria and Ashley) *** The town of Bath, North Carolina was a known port for pirates. It was even rumored that Blackbeard lived a second life in the town with a wife – or two. With villainy and corruption rampant, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the town might also be cursed. (The Bath Town Curse) *** One of our Weirdo family members tells the story about how he came into contact with a Sasquatch! (I Saw Bigfoot While Working Security) *** Your grandfather is the founder of one of the world’s largest brewing companies, and you’re fortunate enough to not only work for him, but to also be the heir to his brewing empire. Life was good, you were untouchable. Until one day, you weren’t. (Coors – Death of an Heir) *** Is it possible that UFOs and ETs exist simply because we believe they exist? Could it be that our own minds are creating real extraterrestrial entities and alien spacecraft? (Could UFOs Be Tulpas?)

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“Coors – Death of an Heir” by The Scare Chamber: http://bit.ly/weirddarkness2Kf4R0T
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