“TALES OF GRAVEYARD SHIFT SECURITY” and More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

TALES OF GRAVEYARD SHIFT SECURITY” and More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: David Parker Ray is believed to have tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer. A trailer he referred to as his “toy box”. (The Toy Box Killer) *** Two friends sipping soda and playing pool find the green table stained blood red, with no warning whatsoever. (Murder At The Pool Table) *** Malta, Italy is known for its splendid ruins, historical monuments, and ancient sites, but one of these places stands out; a mysterious underground complex that holds with in it many enigmas and oddities that remain unsolved to this day. (Malta’s Cryptic Catacombs) *** Weirdo family member Robert Foster tells of a creepy incident that happened to him while working security at an army depot in Oregon. (The Phantom Truck) *** Imagine opening up the newspaper and reading this paragraph: “If anyone doubts this story in the least… they are reliable men who would under no circumstances lend their names to an untruth.” Newspapers just do not stand by their sources this unwaveringly, at least not anymore… and especially if the subject of the article is a haunted house. (The Ghost Told Them To Move) *** Those who work nights are already in the creepy position of working what is called the “graveyard shift” – so you have to expect something to go wrong. If you are a security guard actively looking for something out of the ordinary during the graveyard shift, you know you’re going to go home with stories to tell. (Tales of Graveyard Shift Security)

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David Parker Ray is believed to have tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer. A trailer he referred to as his “toy box”.

Two friends sipping soda and playing pool find the green table stained blood red, with no warning whatsoever.

Malta, Italy is known for its splendid ruins, historical monuments, and ancient sites, but one of these places stands out; a mysterious underground complex that holds with in it many enigmas and oddities that remain unsolved to this day.

Weirdo family member Robert Foster tells of a creepy incident that happened to him while working security at an army depot in Oregon.

Imagine opening up the newspaper and reading this paragraph: “If anyone doubts this story in the least… they are reliable men who would under no circumstances lend their names to an untruth.” Newspapers just do not stand by their sources this unwaveringly, at least not anymore… and especially if the subject of the article is a haunted house.

Those who work nights are already in the creepy position of working what is called the “graveyard shift” – so you have to expect something to go wrong. If you are a security guard actively looking for something out of the ordinary during the graveyard shift, you know you’re going to go home with stories to tell.

Now.. bolt your doors, lock your windows, turn off your lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!

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Spooky tales from security guards who work the night shift are unexpectedly diverse. The creepiest night shift stories shared on Reddit, from guards who have worked everywhere from a brewery to a nursing home, feature laughing clowns, screaming nuns, and wild animals that become bold when the sun goes down. Anyone who works a graveyard shift, when all is dark, quiet, and a little foreboding, might be more prone to weird work encounters. Security guards, like prison guards, get a double whammy because they’re in charge of actually looking into the weirdness.  Some of the strangest stories from security guards after dark are also the most entertaining. And though these harrowing tales often start out like the opening of a horror film, some do have a happy ending.

From Redditor /u/Xalxa: I work third-shift security at a brewery. My first week of working here, something just felt off. I dismissed it as it being a new work environment, plus me being alone at night. [There are] two main buildings – the brewery, and the bar about 200 feet away, on the same property. The third-shift guards hang out in the bar at night since it has a good overlook of the facility. The lights automatically turn off and come on with motion. I was coming back from a patrol around the facility. The lights in the main room and the back room were off, but the door to [the] back room was open. I walked into the bar like normal, and the lights came on after I took a few steps inside. Then I froze. In that doorway there was a thing. Humanoid, but not quite. Its arms were way too long, and its hair covered most of its upper body. The doorway was almost too small for it to get through. But after a few seconds, I blinked, and it was gone. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s seen it. After asking around a bit, a few of the day-shift guys seem to know what I’m talking about, but most refuse to talk about him. Over the next few weeks I had a few more run-ins with him, but only in the bar. I thought he couldn’t leave it. One of the main public areas inside the brewery has a set of two doors – the outside and inside doors, kind of like an airlock. When you scan your access card after hours, the doors automatically open, then close after about 30 seconds. The outside door has a tendency to get stuck though. So I stood in that “airlock” space, looking outside, waiting for the door to close. The inside door closed first, behind me. Then the outside door closed. As it did, I see in the reflection the thing standing right behind me. Towering over me, staring down. Long arms hanging at his side. I no longer stand in that space when I wait for the doors to close. I go inside, turn the lights on, then turn around and wait for the door to close.

From Redditor /u/Gnarbuttah: I used to work security for a ski resort; I was swing shift, 4 pm to midnight. After every shift I had about a 20-minute walk down a dark mountain road through the woods to reach my bus stop. Also, there were no streetlights… After a week or so I started getting stalked by a pack of coyotes. One coyote isn’t terribly impressive, like an ugly medium-size dog. Two coyotes aren’t super intimidating either, but three or more is a different story; once it’s a proper pack, they get bold. The first couple nights it was just one or two. I could see their eye shine about 40 or 50 yards in the woods. They’d check me out, then run off. After a week or two, more started showing up, four or five at a time; once I counted eight. The thing is, once there were three or more they didn’t run off. They’d follow me from the treeline, every once and a while crossing the street in front of or behind me. They also stopped keeping their distance; they’d come as close as 20 feet or less. Seeing eight pairs of glowing eyes is creepy, but the noises they make – holy crap. I carried bear mace at the ready during my walks to the bus stop for the whole season.

From Redditor /u/Ole_Robin: [I was the] last overnight shift watch on a Naval Air Station in a building that did advanced maintenance on planes, but was not a hangar. Around 2 am on my rounds I hear people talking from the mechanic shop. No big deal as sometimes those guys pull all-nighters or are asked to come in early. I go down there because I’m bored but all the lights are off and it’s empty. Weird. I tell the senior watch on duty in the front of the building and he says no one has signed in and it’s just the two of us. About an hour later I hear it again while walking around and I investigate. Lights out, no one is there. Getting weirder. The third time it happens, it’s about 4 am and the senior watch and I are sitting up front watching TV and both clearly hear tools being thrown around the mechanic shop, clanging on the floor and hollow banging against an engine that was in there. He tells me to go see what’s going and I tell him no way. My discharge is in about a month and he could go look himself. He shrugs it off and [goes] back to watching TV. I check in with the mechanic guys the next day and they say their tools had not been moved and no one had been in overnight.

From Redditor /u/Iamninja28: During my time as a sheriff’s deputy, I worked as a night guard for a local branch of a massive investment firm for extra cash… the 4 pm to 12 am shift on weekends. There were only two guards on shift at any time… The facility was three buildings across a four-acre property, gated, and on the tail end of an industrial park, on the border of a really rough neighborhood… One night I was on guard during December, [and] a lot of the desks were covered in Christmas decorations and wrapping paper. The other guard… was a fellow soldier with me in the National Guard, so we both knew we were trained and had each other’s backs… Suddenly my radio lit up, and my buddy tells me the cameras in one of the cubicle areas was feeding black, and he thinks the lights went out, and my job was to walk over there and reset the breaker and get the lights back on. I turned around and began to walk down the hallway, it was absolutely pitch black – no service lights, no door lights, no faint glow of computers left on, nothing. The air felt cold, [and] my flashlight felt darker than normal; something wasn’t right. My heartbeat began to speed up as I remembered the breaker room was all the way in the back, near the server, and I had to walk down nearly 40 rows of cubicles to get there… I kept hearing this odd clicking sound as I began to slowly walk through the cubicle row. Suddenly, I saw a silhouette crouched down between two cubicles in the back… I pinged the radio twice to signal my buddy to get 911 on standby, and began to slowly walk toward it, issuing verbal commands. “Stand up, face me, NOW!” I yelled at the silhouette, wondering why it wasn’t moving. As my flashlight hit it, it was a clown statue holding a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I laughed… [M]y hands were shaking, I was sweaty, I genuinely was happy I didn’t have to use force or possibly take a life that night. I felt so relieved. I walked up to it, planning to move it back inside of a cubicle to get it out of our way. Suddenly [it] lit up and laughed, “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” loudly and sharply. I took off running. The thing absolutely caught me off guard and scared the living [crap] out of me. Nothing scared me as much as that clown laughing at me. Eyes and nose glowing red. I ran all the way back to the front desk and made my buddy get the lights on in there. I’m not even scared of clowns normally, but that one in particular would continue to creep me out for the rest of the time I worked there.

From Redditor /u/Shaunair: I worked the third shift at a long-term care place for retired nuns and priests in Ohio. I could tell you some stories about how the clergy act when they start to slip at old age, but overall it was a good job with good people in it… I would only have a desk light on in between rounds, and would often spend my nights reading. One night after my second set of rounds, I looked up to see one of the sisters who rarely ever got out of bed, let alone speak (she had severe dementia), standing in her nightgown directly in front of her door, pointing out the window in the common room I was in. She started screaming, “OMEGAAAAA. OMEGGAAA!” I was 24 at the time and straight up almost [lost it]. There really is no way to describe the sound… but it was some serious next-level Silent Hill … never-sleep-again stuff. One of the nurses came over and helped her back to bed, and when she came back out she must [have] seen my face. She politely told me Omega was her sister’s name. It was a solid two hours later when I finally got calmed down enough to ask myself, “Who names their kid Omega?”

From Redditor /u/voter1126: Back in the ’80s I worked security to pay for college. I got put at a closed… hospital. It was about 20 floors and they wanted you to walk each floor at the start and middle of the shift, which took about 2.5 hours. It was like the set for one of the old horror movies. Most of the lights did not work and there were ceiling tiles hanging down all over the place. It was still full of unwanted equipment, and since it was winter and the steam heat was on, there were noises on each floor. One night I was on the 15th floor and heard a loud crash down one of the side corridors that freaked me out. Turned out a pipe in the ceiling was leaking, and 10 ceiling tiles all let go at the same time. Probably the creepiest was walking through the 18th floor because it had these all tiled operating rooms that had observation windows around the top and all the operating tables and other equipment was still there. I only went to the 20th floor one time. I don’t know if they did cancer treatments there or what, but when I walk through there were boxes with radiation symbols, so I just decided the 19th floor was good enough.

From Redditor /u/Shagwan257: I work nights at a hotel so have seen some stuff. Once [I] had a guy come in and just stare at me, like no blinking, hands resting shoulder width apart (he was very broad-shouldered), and he said nothing – just stared. I asked if I could help him like three times, but every time, nothing. Eventually his friend came in, grabbed him by the shoulder, and ushered him out of the door and apologized to me. I had to get on the [closed-circuit television] afterward to make sure I wasn’t suffering sleep deprivation. Either the guy was tripping, or just a weird guy. Either way I’ll never know.

From Redditor /u/stormstalker: I used to work as a security officer. For a while I was posted at a summer camp. This camp was set way back in the woods, so between that and the huge amount of food and garbage the campers left scattered all over the place, we occasionally had problems with bears. One night I was doing my patrols around 2 am or so and I noticed one of the doors to the kitchen was open. This was one of those big, industrial-size kitchens, so I figured somebody snuck in to get a snack. I… figured I’d catch them in the act for a bit of fun. I rushed through the door quickly and turned my (very bright) flashlight on, but didn’t see a camper or a counselor. No, I saw a huge black bear trying to break into one of the coolers where they kept the fruit. This [bear] was probably a good 400 to 500 pounds, and he did not appreciate my interrupting his snack time. I immediately lowered my flashlight and slowly backed away to try to give him space, but he started to follow me out the door. I’d gotten probably 50 feet away from the kitchen when he came out the door, but instead of running away, he just turned and sort of eyed me up. I was trying to keep backing away slowly when he began displaying signs of aggression, swaying his head and snorting, and laying back his ears and such. I took an aggressive posture, made myself as big as I could, and started yelling and clapping and stomping at him. Usually at this point they’ll just run off – they typically only act aggressively if they’re scared, and they normally back away if you confront them. Not this dude. He bluff charged at me and continued to act aggressively, so I shined my flashlight directly at his face and tried to make as much noise as I could. Finally he retreated a bit, but then he turned back around and kept watching from a distance. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get him to flee the area. I was afraid some kid might come out of their bunk and end up getting mauled, so eventually I had to put out an emergency call. The camp director and the rest of the staff were woken up and they came down in their Jeeps. Believe it or not, even driving toward this bear in a Jeep, with super-bright banjo lights and the horn blaring, didn’t really phase him. He would waddle away a few yards and then turn back to watch us again. We ultimately had to call the game warden and keep all the kids and counselors inside their bunks until the warden could come and trap the bear to move him to a different area.

From Redditor /u/GrundleTurf: In the winter we get homeless people sleeping in our stairwells so I have to kick them out. One time I went down and something leaped at me. I went, “Phew, just a cat.” Then I remembered the horror movie trope and realized the real scare is coming up next, so I skipped checking the stairwells that night.

From Redditor /u/sperrymonster: I was working a double [shift] and my work allowed us to have a personal computer at certain sites during the night hours since ultimately they just didn’t want you sleeping on the job. The only real stipulation was that you couldn’t have headphones in so you could maintain your situational awareness. At the time, I was writing daily research reports on security issues for another internship I had. It involved a lot of news research. I would still have to get up regularly and do routine patrols, which will always get you a little paranoid during a night shift. Anyway, one night I’m back from patrol and I suddenly hear randomly some guy speaking in Arabic. I freaked out at first because this post had a radio, so I though someone had hacked into our coms. Turns out it was just a video on autoplay on a background news tab that must have taken a while to load, so I never noticed it. I know it’s not the scariest stuff for other people, but there’s nothing quite as freaky on a shift as sound when there should be silence.

From Redditor /u/jamminmadrid: I was working the night shift on a university campus. It was my first time working the Christmas break. Generally most students go home unless they have permission to stay. I was performing lock-up that night, and after I finished my buildings they wanted me to patrol the upper floors of the dorms to look for signs of water leaks in the hallways. [T]he dorms are supposed to be mostly empty, so I’m not expecting to see anyone. I get to the first dorm and ride the elevator to the top floor. The elevator opens into the common area. Little do I know, on either side of the elevator are mirrors on the wall. I step off the elevator, either looking straight ahead or at my phone. I notice something moving out of the corner of my eye so I turn my head to look. I yell out, [“Son of a….”] It took me a second to register that it was me in a mirror.

From Redditor /u/outsiderontheinside: I was a security guard at a college that had these huge old mansions on campus. Those became halls for classes. They were locked up at night and just flat-out gorgeous. The lawn around it was massive, then hit a dense wood line. I am a big X-Files fan, so I thought the worst when I saw a pair of eyes glowing in the woods. I then hit the brights on my truck and there were 20 or more pairs of eyes staring back. I flipped out and stupidly started heading toward them with my flashlight. When I was about 50 yards away I realized they were just deer, not monsters.

From Redditor /u/Hattix: I’m night security in December at a British woodland… They were doing work on the paths and walkways and I was guarding the equipment. One night, I heard a blood-curdling scream. It didn’t echo, but sort of filtered around the trees. Then I heard it again. It was a woman screaming, but at the same time it maybe wasn’t. Whatever it was, it pierced the silent darkness like so many well-aimed arrows. I had no lighting, only a flashlight; we didn’t have 3,000 lumens of LEDs in our pockets in 1999. I had to find out what this was and, to me, the key was lighting up the forest. I got 15 5-watt halogen bulbs, designed a circuit to run them, and used four D-size NiMH cells to power it. It’d last maybe 10 minutes, but enough to see what was making that noise. I’d get maybe 1,000 lumens out of it. For comparison, the headlight on my current MTB is 3,000 lumens and uses four 18650 lithium-ion cells to last around four hours. Being 1998, I used CB radio. I got talking to a friend who was a groundskeeper at a nearby stately home. I mentioned this god of all flashlights I was building, and why. He laughed at me: “Sounds like a vixen in heat. They sound like that. They’re not dangerous. The girls will be even more skittish than usual when they’re in heat. All you’re going to do is terrify them, and you won’t see them in the undergrowth anyway.”

From Redditor /u/Jaaxxxxon: [I worked the] 12-hour night post. I was tired and had to go [to the bathroom] after doing nothing but look at a fence for hours, eat Pop-Tarts, and down coffee like my life depended on it. Luckily it was like 4 am and foggy, so I walked over to a tree a couple of feet behind our vehicle, still wearing my gear. I left the door on the [vehicle] open…  Anyway, I finish[ed] up… Still bored, but it was Pop-Tart time again. I walk[ed] back to my seat, and…  something moved. Directly in front of me, on my seat, maybe 8 inches away. There [was] a fat raccoon stealing my half-eaten Pop-Tart directly in front of my face. This guy managed to sneak in with the driver… a foot away, and all our defenses were useless against this cunning creature of the night. Instinctively, I jumped back as fast as I could (shouting expletives, of course)… The little [guy] sprint[ed] off with what remained of my Pop-Tart clutched in his two front people-hands, running on his hind legs like a demon out into the mists. Gone. After I made the discovery that there were night demons in our ranks, I was determined to find where they came from. They came down from the trees! We debated hunting them… Instead, we befriended the creatures of the night. We made trails of Pop-Tarts leading back to us, and eventually lured them in to drink little cups of coffee creamer. It was adorable, and much less boring than watching fences.

From a former Redditor: One night I was working in Porter Ranch, CA; it was an outside job. It was about 3 am, and I looked up to my left and there was what I can only describe as a GIANT cigar-shaped black blimp in the sky. It was so huge and it looked so close, my heart dropped and I just stared in awe. I was convinced I just observed aliens. I would tell this story to my friends and family for years and they would literally always laugh. Some time later I came across an article that showed something like what I saw and apparently it was a military blimp. It was much fatter in a sense to where what I saw was elongated.

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David Parker Ray is believed to have tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer. A trailer he referred to as his “toy box”.

Two friends sipping soda and playing pool find the green table stained blood red, with no warning whatsoever.

And the catacombs of Malta hold numerous and ancient enigmas and oddities that remain unsolved to this day.

These stories and more when Weird Darkness returns.


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David Parker Ray, the “Toy Box Killer,” is believed to have tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer.

On March 19, 1999, 22-year-old Cynthia Vigil was hooking in a parking lot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when a man claiming to be an undercover cop told her she was under arrest for solicitation of sex work, and put her in the back of his car.

“He told me I was under arrest and he put handcuffs on me,” Vigil said.

The man was David Parker Ray, and he brought Vigil to his nearby soundproof trailer, which he called his “Toy Box.”

He then chained her to a gynecologist-type table in the center of the trailer, and over the next three days, raped and tortured Vigil, with help from his girlfriend and accomplice Cindy Hendy.
The two of them used whips, medical instruments, electric shock, and sexual instruments to torture Vigil. Before her torture, Ray would play a cassette tape with a recording detailing exactly what she would be forced to endure.

On the cassette, Ray explained that she was to refer to him only as “master” and the woman with him as “mistress” and never to speak unless spoken to first. He went on to explain exactly how he would rape and torture her.

“The way he talked, I didn’t feel like this was his first time,” Vigil said in a later interview. “It was like he knew what he was doing. He told me I was never going to see my family again. He told me he would kill me like the others.”

On the third day, while Ray was at work, Hendy accidentally left the keys to Vigil’s restraints on a table near where she was chained while she left the room.

Seizing the opportunity, Vigil lunged for the keys and was able to free her hands. Hendy attempted to stop her, but Vigil stabbed her in the neck with an icepick when she approached.
She ran out of the trailer naked, wearing only a slave collar and padlocked chains.

In desperation, she knocked on the door of a nearby mobile home. The owner of the house brought Vigil in and called the police, who promptly arrested both Ray and Hendy.
David Parker Ray was born in Belen, New Mexico in 1939. Little is known about his childhood, outside of the fact that he was mainly raised by his grandfather, but regularly saw his father, who beat him.

As a kid, Ray was bullied by his peers for his shyness around girls. These insecurities drove Ray to drink and abuse drugs.

He served in the U.S. Army, receiving an honorable discharge at the end of his enlistment. Ray was married and divorced four times in his life.

It is believed the Ray began his killing spree sometime during the mid-1950s, which only came to light with the escape of Vigil.

After arresting Ray, the police gained a warrant to search his home and trailer, and what they found shocked and disturbed them.
Ray’s “Toy Box” contained a gynecologist-type table in the middle with a mirror mounted to the ceiling so his victims could see the horrors delivered upon them. Littering the floor were whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, leg spreader bars, surgical blades, and saws, as well as numerous sex toys.

There was a wooden contraption used to bend over and immobilize Ray’s victims while he and his friends would rape them.

On the walls were detailed diagrams showing different methods and techniques for inflicting pain.
In the trailer of the “Toy Box Killer,” the police also discovered a videotape from 1996, showing a terrified woman being raped and tortured by Ray and his girlfriend.

With the publicity surrounding the arrest of David Parker Ray, considering the disturbing circumstances of his crime, another woman came forward with a similar story. Angelica Montano was an acquaintance of Ray’s who, after visiting his house to borrow cake mix, had been drugged, raped, and tortured by Ray before being left by a highway out in the desert. There she was found by police, but there had been no follow-up on her case.

Ray would often use drugs that would induce amnesia and memory loss in his victims like sodium pentothal and phenobarbitol, so they could not properly remember what had happened to them.
With this stronger case, with two victims testifying to the crimes, the police were able to press Hendy, who quickly folded and began telling what she knew of the murders. Her testimony led the police to discover that Ray been helped in the abductions and murders by his daughter, Glenda “Jesse” Ray, and friend, Dennis Roy Yancy.

Yancy admitted to participating in the murder of Marie Parker, a woman who was abducted, drugged, and tortured for days by Ray and his daughter, before Yancy strangled her to death in 1997.

After releasing some details about the woman in the video, she was identified by her ex-mother-in-law as Kelli Garrett, a former friend of Ray’s daughter.
On July 24, 1996, Garrett, after getting into a fight with her then-husband, decided to spend the night playing pool at a local saloon with Jesse. Jesse roofied Garrett’s beer, and she and her father placed a dog collar and leash on her and brought her to his trailer.

He then raped and tortured her for two days, keeping her on date-rape drugs the whole while. After these two days, Ray slit her throat and dumped her on the side of the road.
Miraculously, Garrett survived the encounter, but no one, neither her husband nor police believed her story. In fact, her husband, believing she had cheated on him that night, filed for divorce that year.

Due to the effects of the drugs, Garrett had limited recollection of the events over those two days, but remembered being raped by the “Toy Box Killer.”

These drugs, as well as the socioeconomic standing of many of the women involved, made it difficult for their testimony to be readily accepted by jurors.
Though he was able to beat two of the cases put against him, the “Toy Box Killer” was ultimately sentenced to 224 years in prison for numerous offenses involved in the abduction and sexual torture of these three women.

Jesse Ray received a sentence of nine years and Cindy Hendy was given 36 years in prison.
David Parker Ray died of a heart attack on May 28th, 2002, a mere three years into his sentence.

In their investigation of David Parker Ray’s trailer, police found evidence of several more killings, including diaries written by Ray where he detailed the murder of at least 50 other women. Despite the evidence, the authorities were unable to create cases from them.

Though Hendy and Yancy both identified areas they believed Ray disposed of these bodies, police found no human remains in any of these locations.

It is believed that a serial killer who put this amount of effort into his horrifying “Toy Box,” and who killed numerous women over many years, would likely have had a greater number of victims. The many unidentified personal effects and jewelry found in his trailer also point to a greater number of victims for the “Toy Box Killer.”

“We’re still getting good leads,” FBI spokesman Frank Fisher said about the “Toy Box Killer” in 2011. “As long as we’re getting those leads, and as long as the exposure in the press keeps generating interest in the case, we’re going to keep investigating this.” It is still ongoing to this day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thomas H. Jones, aged 21, was planning to leave Brooklyn on October 5, 1880, to start a new life in San Francisco. The night before his planned departure he went to say goodbye to his friend George Secor and the two young men went to a lager beer saloon run by N. Debrowski on Atlantic Street to play billiards.
Between games, they went to the bar for some soda water. As they were placing their order John J. Dwyer entered the saloon, extremely intoxicated. He stood next to Jones and Secor and said, “I’ll take whiskey for mine.”  Neither man knew Dwyer and they ignored him; Debrowski told him that he had no whiskey.
Jones and Secor finished their drinks and returned to the billiard table. Dwyer followed them and watched them play for a few minutes. Then, without provocation he said, “I’m the sucker, am I?”
Dwyer picked up an eighteen-ounce ash billiard cue and struck Jones behind the right ear with the butt end of the cue with enough force to break the cue into two pieces. He picked up the butt end and started chasing Secor who ran out of the saloon screaming for help.
Officer McCormack of the 1st Precinct rushed to the saloon, followed by Officer Reilly of the 3rd Precinct who saw Jones on the floor and sent for an ambulance. Jones died before it arrived.
John Dwyer was a 27-year-old plasterer, known as “Dr. Dwyer,” in South Brooklyn. He was a strong, powerful man, weighing over 200 pounds, known to become ugly when drunk. He had been looking for a fight all evening and had been thrown out of a cigar store before going into Debrowski’s saloon.

Dwyer had sunk into a drunken stupor when the policemen arrived and the officers decided to take everyone involved down to the station to sort things out. They arrested Dwyer, Secor, Dobrowski, and Dobrowski’s wife and began herding the group to the 1st Precinct Stationhouse. They had only gone a short distance when Dwyer snapped out of his stupor and began a desperate struggle for his liberty, “biting, sliding, and kicking the whole way.” Sergeant Eaton who jumped in to aid the officers received a kick in the stomach which nearly disabled him. Another officer was knocked down by a kick to the eye. The officers finally managed to subdue Dwyer and put him in cell.
John Dwyer was indicted for second-degree murder. At his trial the following January, Dwyer said that he could never remember what happened when he was drunk. While this was seldom an effective defense, in this case Dwyer was found guilty of manslaughter in the fourth degree and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lying just off the southern coast of Italy is a small archipelago of islands that comprises the island nation of Malta. The country has a unique and colorful history, first settled in 5,900 BC and then passed through a succession of rulers over the millennia, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, French, and British, due to it Naval importance, and finally becoming a British colony in 1814, before gaining independence in 1964. With such a long history spanning back for millennia, Malta is known for its splendid ruins, historical monuments, and ancient sites, but one of these places stands out; a mysterious underground complex that holds with in it many enigmas and oddities that remain unsolved to this day.

The place known as the Hypogeum was found quite by accident, when in 1902 some workers were digging cisterns at a housing development in the town of Paola when they broke through into what seemed to be an immense chamber of some kind. This chamber seemed to be part of some larger structure that had sat down there in the darkness away from human eyes for a very long time, but for some reason the workers decided to cover up their discovery, meaning that the true extent of this bizarre place would not be uncovered until later.

When word got out that there was a mysterious subterranean complex of unknown origin lying down there right under the town, archeologists were quick to swarm to it, and it would soon prove to be one of the most important and interesting archeological discoveries of the century. Dated to as old as 4,000 BC, it was and still is thought to be the oldest underground complex in the world, and here was a Neolithic structure that held temples, shrines, altars, vast warrens of tunnels that meandered off into the dark, burial chambers, all painstakingly cut directly into the surrounding rock and littered with countless objects such as statues, figurines, pottery, stone and clay beads, shell buttons, amulets, axe-heads, and many, many others. Yet, perhaps the most notable and macabre discovery down there in this ancient place long buried and forgotten down in the bowels of the earth were the remains of an estimated 7,000 individuals, along with numerous burial tools, leading to the theory that this massive complex was meant as a necropolis, or basically a city of the dead, a giant tomb.

It was already all a mystery as to who had built this place, how it had remained hidden for so long, and why it was packed with thousands of dead people, but these were by far not the only mysteries awaiting discovery in this dark, forgotten place. By far one of the most well-known mysteries of the Hypogeum is the discovery of numerous very anomalous skulls scattered amongst the many remains found there, and uncovered at what appears to be a sacred well adorned with statues of a goddess.

The skulls in question were immediately striking in that they were abnormally elongated and larger than normal human skulls, and further analysis showed that some displayed some kind of mysterious genetic abnormality, while others held evidence that their skulls had been intentionally bound to make them that way, similar to a practice among priests in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and South America. A few of the skulls are very odd indeed, showing an inconsistent pattern of, and in one case a complete lack of, the cranial “knitting,” a line across the skull denoting the fusing of cranial plates, also called the fossa median, which are the plates of the skull that are separate in infancy and later join together into adulthood. This baffled the researchers who looked at them, as there is no known genetic abnormality or mutation in humans. Most of the strange skulls also demonstrated evidence of having undergone some mysterious surgical procedure, with three small holes drilled into the head for unknown reasons.

These bizarre skulls prompted wide speculation at the time, and still do. Why did these individuals have these mysterious elongated skulls and what was its significance? One of the earlier ideas was that these remains represented a whole new race of humans or a new mutation, while others suggested it had some religious implication or was some sort of sign of status. There was also the idea that these could have been settlers from Egypt, where the elongation of skulls was a documented practice, or were descendants from an unknown Maltese tribe or lost civilization. Other more far-out theories have been that these are the remains of ancient aliens or interdimensional travelers, while others say that they were attempts to enhance psychic abilities, or even that they were the remnants of the displaced population of the lost continent of Atlantis.

It is hard to say for sure because the skulls themselves have been so little-studied, and remain cloaked in shadow. After their discovery, 11 of the bizarre skulls were put on display at the Archeological Museum of the Valletta, after which they were suddenly removed without explanation, with access strictly limited, making it nearly impossible for anyone to adequately study them. Indeed, some of the only evidence that we have that they ever even existed at all are some photos and records by Maltese researchers Dr. Anton Mifsud and Dr. Charles Savona Ventura. Adding to the mystery is the fact that apparently several of the skulls have gone missing over the years, with only 6 of the original 11 remaining. What happened to the others? No one knows, and it has added a layer of dark government conspiracies and cover-ups upon the whole thing. As a result of all of this, the weird skulls of Malta have remained hotly debated and their exact origins unknown.

While we don’t know exactly where they came from or why they were there, these skulls are not even the most outlandish mystery of the Hypogeum. In the 1930s, a worker from the British Embassy by the name of Lois Jessop came forward with a truly bizarre account from down in the depths of the Hypogeum. She claimed that she had been exploring the ancient subterranean tunnels on a guided tour by candlelight when she came to burial chamber with a steep drop that plunged down into the murk. When she used her candle to look down through the darkness she claims that she saw something very strange down there in the abyss, and she looked down there as someone held onto her sash to keep her from falling, and would explain of what happened next:

“I held my candle higher and peered down into the abyss, thinking that with this dangerous drop it was better not to go on further without a guide. Then I saw about twenty persons of giant stature emerge from an opening deep below me. They were walking in single file along another narrow ledge down below. Their height I judged to be about twenty to twenty-five feet, since their heads came up about half way on the wall on the opposite side of the cave. They were covered in long white hair, combed downward and shaggy looking. They walked very slowly, taking long strides. Then they all stopped, turned and raised their heads in my direction. All simultaneously raised their arms and with their hands beckoned to me. The movement was something like snatching or feeling for something, as the palms of their hands were turned down.”

Things get even spookier a few weeks later, when Jessop claimed that there had been a group of 30 students and some teachers who had gone down into the very same chamber, only to mysteriously vanish after the cave collapsed behind them. Screams and cries for help could purportedly be heard echoing out from somewhere within for days, even as search parties looked and failed to find them, before finally giving way to silence. Their bodies were never found. After this, the government then supposedly went in and boarded up the tunnels, closing them to the public. Jessop’s tale was published in the publication The Journal of Borderland Research, but her veracity has been controversial since she would go on in later years to express an intense interest in UFOs and even become head of a UFO research organization. Was her account true, and if so what did she see down there? Who knows?

Other oddities of the Hypogeum have been uncovered in recent years as well. For instance, it has been found that the cave consistently produces sound frequencies that fall within the range of 110 to 111 hertz, which is known to have physical and mental effects and is too consistent to have been an accident. It is thought that this place was specifically chosen and designed for this effect, and that it served some as yet unknown purpose for these people or beings. With its air of mystery, unclear origins, unidentified remains, mystical features, and its otherworldly skulls, the Hypogeum of Malta, which managed to remain hidden from civilization for thousands of years, just may hold many of its enigmas for thousands more.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Weirdo family member Robert Foster tells of a creepy incident that happened to him while working military security.

A Philadelphia newspaper from 1897 tells a fascinating story about a haunted house – and it sounds like the newspaper reporter believed it whole-heartedly!

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I worked security at an army depot in eastern Oregon from 2003 to 2009. The base had been a munitions depot meaning they stored, processed, manufactured or shipped munitions all over the country until it came down on the base closure list under President Clinton. The munitions had been moved out and most of those operations had been stopped. The reason the base wasn’t totally shut down was because it also stored chemical weapons that couldn’t be moved and were to be destroyed onsite. When I hired on the demilitarization or demil plant was being built. What occurred happened on either 2005 or 2006 on a Saturday about 3 pm in the afternoon. The day was a pleasant Spring day. One of the duties I had for my patrol was to check the depot’s perimeter twice during the shift, once near the beginning and once toward the end. The perimeter was about 25 miles all the way around and I remember thinking that I’d check it, then the guard shacks, and then get ready to go home. I’m checking the perimeter which consisted of looking at the outer fence and gates for breaks etc. The roads were paved except for a small section that passed by unused warehouses – except for two being used by the demil plant to store parts, and the range security used for qualifying. As I made my way around this area and back on the main road I saw a mechanic’s truck in front of me about 50 yards ahead that I didn’t see previously. On the weekends there was no reason for it to be there as the government employees didn’t work and if the demil plant had sent someone out to their warehouse they’d usually call our dispatch sergeant first; and they drove little Chevy love trucks not trucks with tool compartments. I called my dispatch and asked if they knew of anyone with the trucks description being in the area. When he came back with “no” I told him where I was and that their were two individuals in it and was going to stop them. On this road there was nowhere to turn off, just sandy loose desert for about 3 miles. I turned on my red and blues and gave pursuit. I sped up and could not gain on this vehicle even though they did not seem to be going faster and seemed oblivious to my presence, I might add this truck looked “boxes” like a truck from the ‘80’s not new. At one point during my pursuit I found myself doing 85 mph and still couldn’t get any closer to this truck. I backed off and we still maintained the same distance until they came to a paved road leading to the chemical plant. In the mean time a sergeant and the shift Lt. had set up on this road about a 10th of a mile from the turnoff in a wedge formation with their vehicles. When this truck started to turn the corner it was like I’d popped a bubble and was finally making head way. As the truck turned the corner I lost sight of it; it passed a huge juniper bush at that corner. I turned that corner thinking we had them and I was going to go off on the driver because, quite frankly, I was more than a little angry at their not stopping and I had visions of ripping the driver out and putting him on the ground. Imagine my surprise when I made that corner only to be met by the Lt. and sergeant looking as confused as I felt. This truck, which I was following and giving updates of location etc., had disappeared. I was perplexed and tried to explain what I’d seen and was told the only vehicle they’d seen come around the corner was me. My Lt. told me, “Don’t worry, it happens sometimes out here.” He later related to me that years ago, when he was a patrol officer at the base, that on night shift one night he’d chased a little red civilian vehicle with four people through the storage area where civilian vehicles were banned. He chased them down a road, and it came to a dip in the road. He briefly lost sight of it as it went down the dip. When he went down the dip that car had disappeared. There was nowhere for it to turn off and he didn’t see it’s headlights or anything, it was just gone. The place was haunted too, but that’s for another time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Here is the tale of a ghost who apparently just wanted to be left alone. It comes from the “Philadelphia Times” – and if the language seems a tad strange to you, it could be that it was printed May 16, 1897. They were so proper back then you know. Here is the newspaper article:

A most extraordinary case of “haunts” is reported from what Is known as “The Old Bailey House,” located about two miles north of the village of Dunnville, in Casey county, Kentucky. If this house is not really haunted, and if it hasn’t good cause for being visited by the departed spirits of troubled souls, the testimony of William Cravens and family and William Turner and family, all of whom have recently been forced to vacate the premises, is worthless, and along with their depositions must go the reputations for reliability of Captain Edward Pelley, merchant, and Thomas Chelf, tavern-keeper, of Dunnville, and James Shelton, coroner of Casey county. A signed statement from Pelley and Chelf will be found below.
The story of the Bailey house and the developments of the past month have aroused the deepest interest among the people in all the country around the ancient structure. The Bailey house is on the old state road between Somerset and Jamestown. The building is a very old one. The time of its erection is more remote than anything remembered by the oldest men in the neighborhood. It is said to have been a wayside inn many years ago when the State road was the main thoroughfare through that country into Tennessee. Before the region near Dunnville was as thickly populated as it is now the Bailey house was in a lonely place, just at the end of a deep and dark ravine, which winds between two giant spurs of the Green river mountains. The house had always borne a good reputation so far as its occupants were concerned, but at one time its early history either the Bailey house or one in its immediate vicinity was occupied by a gang of men who were known to be counterfeiters, and who were believed to be robbers and highwaymen. It was during this period, some of the good people of that portion of Casey county now believe, that the foul deeds were committed which resulted in the present nightly visitations of departed spirits. It is also believed that at least three foul crimes were committed in or near the old Bailey house, for three graves were found beneath its floors.
The ghostly manifestations complained of and still in nightly evidence began some six weeks ago. The house had been vacant for some time, when William Turner and family moved into it. Trouble began the very first night they slept there. Along toward 12 o’clock Turner’s eldest son was aroused by singular noises. He listened a while and became thoroughly frightened at the uncanny sounds, from unknown sources. He heard groans and moans and sounds of persons moving about in adjoining rooms. He awakened his father but the old gentleman could not be made to take in the situation before the noises ceased. He then laughed at the boy’s story and went back to sleep. The following night Mr. Turner himself not only heard ghosts but saw them. He was rudely awakened along toward midnight, and being a man of nerve, listened carefully and attentively for a while to see if he could detect some natural cause of the disturbance. In this he was disappointed. He heard, just as his son had described, heart-rending groans and blood-curdling moans ,and presently cold chills began to run up and down his body. But he was destined to soon see and hear more than this. Glancing toward the door the sight which met his eyes almost froze the blood in his veins. Standing there was a tall figure dressed in white, apparently a woman. It pointed its finger at Turner, uttered one word, “Move,” and disappeared. Turner moved the next day. He said he wouldn’t spend another night in the house for a cool hundred thousand dollars.
The story of the ghosts spread rapidly through the community and a party of young men from Dunnville went out to the Bailey house a few nights after the removal of the Turner family to see if they could locate the ghosts or get a glimpse of one. They went quietly into the bedroom which Turner had occupied and began their vigil. The understanding was, that no noise should be made and nothing done calculated to disturb the spirits in their midnight revels. The watchers had been on duty about an hour, and were beginning to lose hopes of seeing even a small ghost, when suddenly the still night air was rent by a most unearthly yell which seemed to come from beneath the floor where the young men sat. This was followed by a series of groans, moans and other expressions of grief and terror which at once surprised and amazed the silent sentinels in the house. There was a sudden cessation of the noises, a moment’s pause, and then they recommenced with renewed fury. One dark figure arose from the floor and shot through the half-opened door, others followed in rapid succession, and soon the detecting party was en route to Dunnville at a 2:40 gait.
The next day, when the young men told their story in the village, an old citizen said he had heard many years ago that three travelers had been murdered somewhere near the old Bailey house, and he proposed that another party go there, this time in daylight, and make a minute investigation of the premises. His suggestion was acted upon, and in an hour the search was begun. The old house was ransacked from first floor to garret, but nothing was found to excite the suspicions of the most credulous. Finally some one proposed that as there was no cellar to the house it would be well to examine the ground underneath the floor. Several planks were pried up and then was the mystery explained. The searching party found three excavations, all of them about six feet long by two wide and from a foot to a foot and a half deep. They had evidently been the temporary resting places of dead bodies, put there after having been killed and robbed and afterward removed for final disposition. There were many other evidences of foul deeds committed, and Coroner Shelton, when notified of the discovery, at once summoned a jury to look into the case.
The jury, after careful investigation, expressed the opinion that three unknown men had met their deaths there at the hands of unknown parties, but, of course, no further action could be taken. The coroner’s investigation and the developments incident to it, coupled with the stories told by the Turner family, created a profound impression throughout that section of Casey county, and people began to fear the Bailey house, many of them refusing to pass it at night.
It remained vacant for some time, until William Cravens, of Russell county, arrived at Dunnville in search of a house. He was told that the Bailey house was unoccupied, but at the same time informed that it was “haunted.” Mr. Cravens said he was not afraid of any “haunt” that ever stalked at midnight, and that if he could get the place at a satisfactory price he would take it. Cravens leased the house. The first night that Cravens’ family spent there passed off peacefully.
Neighbors casually dropped in next day to see how things had progressed during the night. Mr. Cravens simply smiled, and said he knew there were no such things as “hants,” and that he wasn’t to be frightened by them if there were. But the second night brought trouble. About 12 o’clock Cravens was aroused by screams, yells and moans. He listened to them a few minutes until they finally died away, and succeeded in convincing himself that it was all imaginary and fell asleep. In a short time he had a similar but more thrilling experience. Just as he opened his eyes a cold, clammy hand passed over his face and a white object flitted across the floor and through the door. Mrs. Cravens was also awake this time. When she heard her husband gasp she whispered, terror-stricken: “Did you see that thing? It stood by my bed and told me to move.”
Cravens moved next day. If anyone doubts this story in the least, he is not only referred to the appended indorsement of the facts as related, but requested to write to the gentlemen whose names are thereto attached. They are reliable men who would under no circumstances lend their names to an untruth.
Dunnville, Ky., April 2d. To Whom It May Concern: The undersigned, Ed. Pelley, merchant, and Thomas Chelf, tavern keeper, of Dunnville, certify that they know the Bailey house, which is said to be haunted; that they know the Cravens and Turner families moved from it on account of curious disturbances at night which they could not account for, and which terrorized them, and that a party which Mr. Chelf, one of the undersigned, accompanied to the house to make inquiry into the singular things reported became scared and left because of a recurrence of things described by Cravens and Turner. We know, further, that three graves were found beneath the floor of the old house, that Coroner Shelton investigated the case, and that the people in the neighborhood of the Bailey house are many of them afraid to pass it at night.
(Signed) Captain Ed. Pelley (and) Thomas Chelf.

* * * * * * * * * *

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REPLY: Thank you Chris, I appreciate the kind words, and I’d love to take credit for them, but to be honest, I had to talk to a friend of mine who does a lot of work for charity to ask him how he handles comments like that, and that’s kinda the way he put it. He said that outbursts of “they should help our country first” are used typically to cover up the guilt of not giving to charity at all. Which makes sense if you think about it. Because those who truly do believe in charity, and believe that charity begins at home, they are already giving to charity in their own local church, local communities, state, and/or country, and have no urge to yell out in protest – be it in vocally or online.

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