“CONSPIRACY IN DALLAS” and 3 More Horrific But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

CONSPIRACY IN DALLAS” and 3 More Horrific But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from April 08, 2019) *** Was there a conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in 1963? (Conspiracy In Dallas) *** A Weirdo family member tells of his own personal experience with what might’ve been a hell hound. (The Dog That Wasn’t There) *** One island, one couple, one murder. We’ll look at the strange life and death of Rolf Neslund. (The Rolf Neslund Murder) *** She was murdered in November of 1901. Her lover spent more than a dozen years in prison, proclaiming his innocence, before being pardoned by the governor. So why did he commit suicide soon after getting out of prison? We’ll look at the strange murder of – and eventual haunting by – Nell Cropsey. (The Lingering Ghost of Nell Cropsey)

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“Conspiracy In Dallas” posted at The Unredacted: http://bit.ly/weirddarkness2YVxMdq
“The Dog That Wasn’t There” by Weirdo family member Daniel Mulberry
“The Rolf Neslund Murder” by Elizabeth Tilsa: http://bit.ly/weirddarkness2KywOAX
“The Lingering Ghost of Nell Cropsey” by Troy Taylor: http://bit.ly/weirddarkness2UnJ2Rb
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