Can Unexpected Glitches In The Matrix Explain Déjà Vu And Ghost Sightings?

Cynthia McKanzie – – Interest in the Holographic Universe theory is increasing. More and more scientists are investigating the possibility our reality may be a holographic illusion created by a highly advanced unknown race.

Scientists are now suggesting some unexplained phenomena such as ghost sightings, and extrasensory perception may be caused by glitches in the Matrix.

We have previously discussed whether our déjà vu experiences are a window into a parallel universe, but it’s also possible this eerie sensation can be a result of a glitch in our simulated reality.

Could There Be Glitches In Our Simulated Reality?

According to John D. Barrow, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University we should seriously consider the possibility that our superior programmers could have created several faked universes and these computer simulations can contain errors.

Mysterious sudden changes would occur that would appear to contravene the very laws of Nature that the simulated scientists were in the habit of observing and predicting.

So we conclude that if we live in a simulated reality we should expect occasional sudden glitches, small drifts in the supposed constants and laws of Nature over time, and a dawning realization that the flaws of Nature are as important as the laws of Nature for our understanding of true reality,” John D. Barrow said.

Julian Keith, Ph.D. and Curry Guinn, Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina explored the possibility that we are actually living in a computer-generated world like that of the Matrix movie.

According to the Holographic Universe theory, our reality is nothing but an illusion and it has previously been suggested that humans are a scientific experiment that is part of a hologram created and controlled by an evil genius.

It may sound crazy, but can we prove we are not holograms? Our senses are limited and quantum experiments have revealed reality does not exist unless we are looking at it.

“Your vision only sees a sliver, a tiny range of the electromagnetic spectrum. You are unaware of most of it,” Keith said.

Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman at the University of California who has spent 30 years trying to unravel the mystery of our perception is convinced that evolution and quantum mechanics conspire to make objective reality an illusion. Hoffman has suggested our world is a conceptual prison and we only see glimpses of reality.

Keith explains we shouldn’t feel frustrated about not being able to see everything that is around us.

“If you had to interact with the world in the full range of what’s going on, you would be frozen. So biology has developed a user interface that ultra simplifies what you are interacting with,” Keith said.

Your mind is your interface that is constantly manufacturing the colors and sounds you experience. “It is constantly updating your model of reality and interacting with it. It is your matrix. You interact without knowing there is anything else out there,” Keith added.

According to his colleague, Curry,  we should not dismiss the possibility we may be actually living in a computer simulation. As Curry points out, “Elon Musk of Telsa and Space X has said there is a billion to one chance we are not living in a computer simulation.”

The Holographic Universe theory is so popular today that that billionaires want to invest money in helping humans to break out of the Matrix.

Could Glitches In A Simulated Reality Shed New Light On Unexplained Phenomena?

The Matrix theory may sound unrealistic to some, but Curry sais we should just look at the speedy development of our modern computer games.

Nick Bostrom, Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute and of the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology within the Oxford Martin School presented his so-called simulation argument some years ago. According to Bostrom future computer games will be so similar to reality we won’t be able to tell the difference. They’ll be like the Star Trek Holodeck. And the characters in them may not realize they’re in a simulation.

“It is inevitable that we will create realities indistinguishable from this reality,” Bostrom said.

“Glitches in the system. Deja Vu, such as in the Matrix movie when a character sees a cat crossing a doorway repeatedly, may be one glitch. Ghosts, ESP, coincidences may be others. The laws of physics in our universe seem peculiarly designed with a set of constants that make carbon-based life possible. Where are the edges?” Curry asked.

Sudden glitches in the laws that govern our simulated reality could explain many unexplained phenomena.

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