Sleight of Hand: An Encounter With A Friendly Ghost

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A strange story that tells of a seemingly friendly ghost keeping an eye on a young man feeding the ducks. What do we make of this tale?

My parents used to take me to feed the ducks at our local park. I would stand there and throw bread to the ducks and it was usually a lot of fun. However, just the once, something strange happened. I was throwing my bread when an older gentleman walked out in front of me and asked me if I wanted to see a trick. I nodded. He did that trick with his hand where he makes it look like his thumb has been detached from his hand. I thought it was marvellous and giggled away.

My dad, who had been sitting on a bench came over and asked me what was so funny. I turned to dad and told him that this man had been showing me this trick where his thumb seemed to come away from his hand. Dad looked puzzled.

“What man?”

I looked back and the man had disappeared. I looked across the park but couldn’t see him. He had been standing in front of me, solidly, showing me the trick and then disappeared. It was the strangest thing.

Dean Kennedy,

Melbourne, Derbyshire

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