“The HAUNTING of LAURA” and 7 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

The HAUNTING of LAURA” and 7 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS WEEKEND ARCHIVE EPISODE FROM FEBRUARY 13, 2018: Two women walking home in the twilight come across the ghost of a woman dead for the past year. *** A man tells the terrifying story of how he was possessed by a demon. *** Two girls discover that even if you don’t believe a legend of ghostly children, you still shouldn’t tease them. *** If you vacation at Carlsbad Lagoon, you’ll need something stronger than sunscreen to protect you. *** Traumatic events can sometimes trigger poltergeist activity, but for one young girl, the torment seemed to have no end. *** The hills of Northern Chile are not safe for men walking alone at night.  A female spirit known as La Lola stalks the night, lost and enraged over the murder of her husband. *** Glowing eyes in the dark, a man in a dark suit, and a party in the other room… none of which are real, except to two young girls who swear it actually happened. *** Lehigh, Oklahoma – with the dark past of gangsters, the KKK, a corrupt sheriff… and the paranormal.

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When I was almost four, my mom invited my aunt and cousin over to our house. I was excited to see my cousin as I would have someone to play with. I didn’t hear them arrive but mom called out to let me know my cousin was there. I left my bedroom at the end of the hallway and ran into the living room to see my mom, aunt, cousin, and several other people. She and I quickly decided to go to my room and on the way, she asked me who everyone else there was. I told her I didn’t know.

Eventually, we’re bored so we go back to our moms and I think it’s weird that our moms are watching TV with all of these people around. I could hear them talking to each other but didn’t catch or didn’t understand what they were talking about. I could smell cigarettes, hear ice in glasses, and a stereo or some music was on. Our moms, just wanting to talk and spend time with people their own age, told us that we could go jump on my parents bed. Well, it’s ’81 and that was one step below getting a pony; You didn’t have to tell us twice. My cousin commented about the smell of smoke and all of the noise as we headed to the bedroom.

Here’s where I have to give you a little information on my parents room. It had a master bath and a sliding glass door that lead to a small sun porch, the sun porch had a screen door to the large backyard. So we’re jumping and having a great time when I see what looks like a pair of huge eyes on the bottom right of the door. At the time, I thought they looked like Garfield only not overlapping and they were practically glowing. I pointed them out to my cousin and as she was looking but about to dismiss it, they looked at her. We freaked out and she decided we had to get our moms. I watched it as she leapt from the bed and they followed her movement, which made me getting off the bed even more terrifying. We ran out to the party and explain what we saw, but we’re only told to go back and turn the light off. They insisted it was just a reflection. We go back down the hall, but don’t want to go back to the room. Just as we try to turn back down the hall, a man in a dark suit walks out of my dark bedroom past us and my aunt yells at us to grow up and go back to jumping on the bed. We didn’t like the idea, but we really didn’t want her to come down the hall angry either. So we beg for them to come look once more, but that just brought on “the count” you get as a warning that you are about to be in trouble.

We look into the room and the eyes are looking right at us. Our plan is to hit the lights and bolt for the bed no matter what. My cousin hit the switch. I instantly realize that you can’t see the back yard. With the light off, the bright orange street light lets you see not only the back yard but the houses behind it. The eyes were still there. Whatever it might be it’s blocking the entire door.We bolt for the bed and cover up under the blankets. That whole kid thing that nothing can get you under blankets. Next thing I know we’ve fallen asleep and we’re being woken up by our moms. We try to point it out, but the eyes are gone and so are the people.

My cousin says she doesn’t remember, but that after we spoke about it up until she was about 8 when she said she didn’t ever want to talk about it anymore. I think our very religious grandmother convinced her she would go to Hell if she kept talking about it. The weirdest part of all of this is that over 30yrs later my mom remembers that night and wishes she had checked it out. I said something about her being too busy with the party.

“What party?’ she asked.

I told her about all of the people, the smoke, music, and wondering then how they could have the tv with so many people. She told me there weren’t any other people there. I kept insisting my cousin and I had both seen the same thing but she refused to talk about it ages ago. My mom has tons of questions and I did my best to answer them, but she still maintains that no one else was there that night.

I don’t know what my cousin and I experienced. I don’t know if it was something evil in the window and a haunting in the rest of the house or what but I know I saw something. My mother knows we tried to get her attention. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen.



Traumatic events can sometimes trigger poltergeist activity, but for one young girl, the torment seemed to have no end

It is currently theorized that poltergeist activity arises out of the subconscious of a living person, called an agent. This agent, very often a young girl, usually is known to be under some kind of stress, whether it is emotional, physical or psychological. By some mechanism that is still unknown to science (and paranormal researchers), this inner stress can manifest as phenomena outside the agent.

Turmoil inside the body and mind of the agent becomes a physical reality in the form of knocks on the walls, lights and other electrics flicking off and on by themselves, objects thrown about, and more.

The case of Laura B. might very well qualify her as a poltergeist agent. As a young girl she suffered the anguish of an alcoholic father, who often lashed out in violent anger. It’s not surprising, then, that Laura was terrified of her home’s basement at night, since that is where her parents’ bedroom was. “The creepy feeling in my basement intensified as his alcoholism and addictions grew worse,” Laura says, “and I would refuse to go into my parents’ room for any reason. There was always a negative feeling in the room, but I always attributed that to my dad.”

Evil in itself is not paranormal, and we can easily understand why Laura would get negative feelings from that room. About five years ago, however, her parents divorced, and that’s when the line began to be crossed into the unexplained — when the poltergeist activity began.

“All of the negative feelings that had been in my parents’ room suddenly moved into my room and intensified,” Laura says. Now on one level this could be understood as a psychological reaction. Many children feel responsible or guilty for their parents’ divorces, and Laura might have been transferring the negative feelings she once had about her parents’ room (her father) and brought them into her own room (her unjustified guilt).

But now that she was directing this fear and trauma inward, it began to manifest in outward phenomena.

“I had taken the TV from downstairs into my room but always had to sleep with it on or with me facing the other direction,” Laura says in explaining how the phenomena began. “If I looked around my room at night, I would always see a tiny red orb zip across my room. I would watch it zoom from one side of my room to another, almost like the red dot from a laser pointer. Shortly after I would see this red light, if I looked at my TV there would be a small green square flashing at the center of the screen. This square would get larger with each flash and looked like it was an image, but I was way too scared to look at it. The flashing TV sent me extremely bad vibes and I would always turn on the lights or the TV afterward so I wouldn’t be in the dark, terrible, silent dark.”

If this happened just once we might dismiss this experience as a hallucination, but the phenomenon repeated night after night for Laura. “Each night I would see the screen flash once and be too terrified to even consider looking at it. I realized that the red light was a sign that the TV would flash, so I would always turn on the TV or slam my eyes shut when I saw it.

I got so scared of the red light and green flash that I stopped sleeping in my room altogether.”

Fast forward to a year after Laura’s parents divorced. It was the end of the school year and Laura decided to have a sleepover party with a few close friends to celebrate. Laura planned for them to sleep in the living room, making the excuse that her bedroom was too small. “I had other reasons for saying that, she says.”

One girl was intent on sneaking into Laura’s room, however, and when she did so, Laura had a disturbing vision. “What I saw made me go cold,” she recalls. “Black, smog-like gunk was oozing out from the crack under my door into the hallway. It was one of the most disgusting looking things I have ever seen.”

Laura was at her wit’s end. She asked another trusted friend, who happened to have an interest in the paranormal, to investigate her room. She went in and came out a while later looking white-faced. “Whatever is in your room is the most evil thing I have ever encountered,” she told Laura. “It is not human.”

To be objective, we don’t know whether or not Laura’s friend is a suitable judge of such matters, but she did perhaps feel the same negativity that Laura was dealing with.

Laura believes this was a turning point.

“After she investigated my room, it was as if Hell had been unleashed,” Laura says. “I believe that acknowledging the entity for what it was gave it power. The negative feeling in my room spread to the entire house and made being there feel oppressive. I no longer felt safe in my house.”

It all seemed to come to a head one summer night when Laura and this friend were in the house alone. “Even though it was the summer, my entire house was cold,” she says. “A heavy, malevolent feeling seemed to creep ever closer to us. We were cold, so we decided to make some soup. As we were in my kitchen, we heard a scratching noise come from the inside the microwave. We opened it up to see where it could be coming from and the noise stopped. We couldn’t find the source so we shut the door… and the scratching started up again.”

Laura’s dog began to act strangely.

He would stand, look nervously at the TV, whine with discomfort, then sit down again with his ears pinned back submissively. The two girls decided to put on a movie to calm their escalating fears.

“I was sitting on my couch with my feet tucked under me when I felt something cold, thick and pointed brush from my heel to the arch of my foot,” says Laura.

“It was very deliberate and the worst sensation I have ever felt. I screamed and jumped up, and my friend and I ran outside and got onto my trampoline and just held each other in the semi darkness.

“I looked toward my room and I could see a shape in my window, even though no one else was home. My dog started to freak out again and there was a rustling noise in the grass. I saw what looked like a black cloak being dragged across the grass. The shape circled the trampoline several times and then disappeared.”

The disturbing activity continued for Laura until she got some advice from an online friend. “He said he had two guardian spirits that he would send to me to take care of the creature, one light and one dark,” Laura says. “I was desperate for any kind of help, so I agreed.”

Most of us probably would not have taken that solution very seriously, but Laura insists that she witnessed a phenomenon that she interpreted as those two guardian spirits.

“That night I stayed up all night watching three orbs of light fly frantically around my house,” she says. “One was an inky black color that seemed to ooze and drip. The others were a large black ball and a smaller white ball.

The white and black ball were chasing and bumping in to the inky blot as I watched wide-eyed. The black and white spirits forced it out of my house, and for a while I thought everything would be alright.”

Things were not alright, however. Laura continued to be haunted by menacing shadows and experienced one particularly terrifying illusion. “A couple of houses down the street there is a family that has large Rottweilers,” she says. “One night I was walking home when I looked at that dog. It was staring at me with inky black eyes. It also looked like its jaw had been ripped off and its tongue was just lolling out of its mouth. I ran to my house and in front of my driveway was a cat with the same ripped out jaw, but its eyes were normal. It was strange and disturbing, but luckily I only saw that phenomenon once.”

Today the phenomena have subsided, but Laura admits that her faith has been shaken by this ordeal. “I’m not sure what I believe anymore,” she says, “but all that I know for sure is that there is true Evil in this world.”



I grew up in a small town in Illinois. When I was a teenager, I would spend most of my time with my best friend, Hayley. A lot of the time we would hang out at her house, where just she and her mother lived. Sometimes, her mom would tell us spooky stories about their old house, which would put us in the mood to go find a ghost of our own.

Well, one night we decided to go out to Hungry Hollow Road. It is named after a legend we all knew in that area. The story goes: sometime during the Great Depression, a family with a bunch of little kids lived out there in a shack. There was a blizzard, and they all got snowed in. The family ran out of food and slowly starved to death.
Supposedly, if you drive out to said road, park, turn off your car engine & lights, you can talk to the dead children & they will answer.

We headed out to the windy road, which is pretty much out in the country. Most of it just goes through different wooded areas and is pretty creepy at night. We found a good spot where we couldn’t see any lights and parked the car. We rolled down all the windows. I sat in the back seat, a little nervous by this point. Hallie’s mom was the one driving. She turned off the engine & lights. We sat in darkness and listened to the sounds of crickets & frogs. We heard some animals scurrying through the leaves, which made both Hallie & I a little scared.
We quietly talked amongst ourselves, daring each other to speak out loud to the children. I wouldn’t. I was being a baby.

There were some cookies left over in the car from earlier that day, so Hayley decided to taunt the children. “Hey, little Chiiilllddreeennn, are you hungry?? I have some food here for you!” She said it a few times. Then we sat there in silence for what probably seemed longer than it actually was before we heard a loud THUMP on the back of the car. Hayley’s mom turned the car on right away and we drove back to their house without looking back.

Once we made it safely there, we got out of the car and went to inspect the back. We were wondering if there was damage since the noise was SO LOUD.

The back of the car had tiny, little handprints.



A “possessed” man has said he faced sheer terror after an “evil demon took over control of his body.”

Gert Brouwer said he was left unable to breathe and a neighbour had to rescue him after the paranormal monster took control of him when he was aged 21.

He made the astonishing claim at the Paraforce UK paranormal convention in Witham, Essex.

Mr Brouwer, who was visiting from the Netherlands, told the stunned audience that in the year before his possession, a terrible series of events happened.

He said: “I had a car crash the same year aged 20, I lost my girlfriend in the same year and a friend of mine was murdered.

“I thought ‘why am I getting so much bulls*** in my life.'”

He said he got himself a new apartment, but after just two months of being there he “saw a web coming down with a big spider in it”.

He said: “I put the lights on and there was nothing there.

“I came home two weeks later and could not breathe anymore.

“A neighbour was knocking on the door saying Gert, Gert, Gert… she wanted to help me, but I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“I had scratches, my brain was not working anymore and I couldn’t breathe, so I went to see a shrink.”

Mr Brouwer began writing two blogs – one called “Me” and the other “He”.

He said: “I was asked why do you call it he, and I said I felt ‘He’ was a demon. I hope no one here will get caught with something like that.”

Mr Brouwer said after about two and a half months, he decided he could defeat the creature.

He said: “I changed my stance and had the psychology ‘I want to beat you… I want to win this battle’.

“I needed to reschedule my thoughts because I was mixed up with a demon.”

He decided to train as an exorcist to be able to fend off the hellish spirit.

He said he now knows just how rare demonic possession cases are.

Mr Brouwer, who was born in the Netherlands, and now lives there in Breda, said: “In 95 percent of possession cases there is no demon involved, it is just the emotions of an entity.”

He told the convention, he had paranormal experiences from as young as 11, when he also saw a psychiatrist.

Mr Brouwer said: “Aged 11 I would see things, pictures, and told my shrink what would happen in the future.”

He went on to found Paranormal Society World and GJB Media and describes himself as a demonologist, medium and exorcist.

The website of the society says he has won 14 awards for his paranormal work and appeared on TV.

His profile on the website states: “From a young age, Gert could communicate with the immortal.

“He uses all his senses in the field. At his 21st year, he was confronted with a demon in his apartment. This was also his first negative experience in the paranormal.

“This made the road open for Gert as an exorcist and the occult.”

There is no scientific evidence that possession is real, but many religions carry out exorcisms to rid people of evil spirits.

The oldest references to demonic possession are from the Sumerians, from around 4,000BC.

They believed all diseases of body and mind were caused by “sickness demons” called gid-dim.



It was almost dark, and my mother and aunt were walking along the road on the side of the woods, returning from their aunt’s village where my grandmother had sent them to bring a bag of rice so she and her family wouldn’t go hungry until her husband got paid for the job he had on the railroad. The twilight made it difficult to see, and they knew that soon it would be pitch black and they would be unable to see anything at all. The woods were lonely, and a man could attack them at any moment. Even if they were to scream, no one would hear them. The woods were very thick with vegetation and frightening to walk through even in the daytime. Now that is was night they could hear the crickets and smell the wetness of the dewy soil. They walked past a creek joining with the crickets to make the sound of dark loneliness. Though they kept their ears open, ready to hear the footsteps of a mad attacker, all they could hear was the chirping of the crickets and the sound of the creek.

My mother was cursing my grandmother for having sent her and her sister out so late, when suddenly my aunt grabbed my mother’s arm and pointed to a young woman with long, black hair, in a torn, blue sari and bare feet emerging from the woods. Both my mother and my aunt recognized her as the woman whose body had been found a year earlier on the side of the road. My grandmother had told them that she had been raped and strangled, probably as she had been walking on the lonely road at night just as my mother and aunt were doing now. She followed behind them as they walked. Though her mouth was gaping and she was pointing to it as if to show them a secret, she said nothing. My mother and aunt were terrified and walked as fast as they could, but the girl kept up with them. Then, as quickly as she had appeared, she slipped back into the woods and into the blackness of the night. Though they had heard stories about the reality of ghosts ever since they were little girls, my mother and aunt never believed them until now. They held tightly to each other as they walked, still listening for the footsteps of a man who could attack them and turn them into yet another silent ghost.



Carlsbad Lagoon. Perfect for paddle and motorized watersports, it’s one of the best places to enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing. Even if you’re not into these activities, you can simply lay back and soak up some sun.

Just make sure to pack more than some sunscreen for protection.

There are many things that go bump during both night and day, so you may want to be prepared before they make you their next victim.

The water is so clear that you can almost see deep into the lagoon. As enchanting as this may sound, there’s one big drawback to this – you’ll get to see her.

Floating naked close to the surface, nothing about the Siren hints to her ferocious nature except the blood around her mouth.

Those who have the misfortune of seeing her are tricked into believing that she’s a corpse.

The water around her looks a little bit murkier, but anyone who has seen her and survived to tell about has had a difficult time explaining it.

Locals have speculated that she actually bites her own lips to create the blood, adding to the illusion that she’s injured and needs help.

But if she can bleed – does that mean she’s still alive? Perhaps that’s the most chilling observation of them all.

She lays in the water, waiting for somebody to come over to help her…

Little do they know that this beautiful creature is just waiting to get closer to her latest victim to drag their lifeless bodies down with her.

A local legend says that a young couple became her victims when the husband spotted her floating closer to the hull.

Suspecting that she was one of the summer vacationers at the lagoon, he jumped into the water to save her.

The minute he touched her, she opened her eyes and held on to him tightly. She bit at his throat and dragged him down with his blood swirling upwards.

His wife, who was watching them from the hull, was hysterical when officials found their boat. Her husband’s body is yet to be found.

Not many people know that the land surrounding the lagoon used to be a cemetery.

From 1885 to 1906, Oceanside’s Buena Vista Cemetery was the resting place for many locals. Though many bodies were disinterred and moved over time, construction workers keep finding coffins and human remains regularly.

Because the resting dead have awakened, the residents of Carlsbad are used to seeing ghostly apparitions in their backyards and near the lagoon.

While most of these wander around, there are several who are out to get those who dared disturb their eternal sleep.

Many of Carlsbad’s residents have been found in the lagoon, drowned in its shallow waters.

Considering how a few victims are good swimmers and their corpses showed no signs of resistance, it was only natural for the locals to blame the jittery, angry ghosts.

Further confirming their suspicions are stories of a ghost who keeps on mumbling and calling residents’ names. It makes its way easily to their homes, driving them crazy as it calls them out.



The hills of Northern Chile are not safe for men walking alone at night.  A female spirit known as La Lola stalks the night, lost and enraged over the murder of her husband….but that’s only where the story ends.

It seems there was once a young woman named Dolores who was never at a loss for suitors as her father was extremely wealthy.  She was beautiful and the men called her “Lola”, but her father was very protective and did his best to keep the men at bay.  Only the perfect man would do for his beloved daughter.

One day, Lola met a handsome young man, and fell in love at first sight.  But the man was a poor miner.  Her father would never accept him.

Blind with love, Lola ran away with the young man.   They soon fell in with a group of his fellow miners and before long, the young man struck gold.  Finally wealthy, they returned to Lola’s father who reluctantly gave his blessing upon their marriage.  Lola would soon discover, however, that though she loved him dearly, he did not return that love.

The husband went out every night, carousing with friends and sleeping with other women.  It happened so often that Lola was driven mad with jealousy and broken by her abused love.

Late one night, her husband returned home to find Lola waiting on him.  Before he could react, Lola had stabbed the man to death.  In the act of murder, Lola’s final tenuous ties to sanity were broken.  She fled into the night, shrieking at the top of her lungs.

Days later, Lola returned to her home, weeping and disheveled.  In her madness, she no longer recognized the fact that she had killed her husband.  Instead, she insisted that a man, jealous of their love, had killed her husband to claim Lola for himself.  In the dead of night, Lola stole her husband’s coffin and dragged it into the hills in search of the murderer.

Unable to find the man responsible, Lola climbed higher and higher into the hills and mountains.  When she finally died, she still had not managed to find the man responsible for her husband’s death, and so, in death, she continues her search.

Men in the mountains are said to hear their names called at night.  If they follow the voice, they will find themselves face to face with Lola.  She is beautiful, glowing in solid white with her husband’s black coffin behind her.  If he finds her, so they say, he will never be heard from again, killed by La Lola for murdering her husband…



When I visited Lehigh, Oklahoma with my mom, dad and sister, I was about 12 years old. What I remember about this desolate place is that the land is filled with chiggers. My legs had bites all over them. I remember seeing water snakes in the strippets made by coal miners. Strippets are large holes in the ground created by past coal miners. I remember capturing a land turtle and after playing with this turtle for about 2 hours, I released it back in the grasslands.

My dad was born and raised in Lehigh. His mother Sophie Roberts was known as the Angry French Woman. My cousin Paul Leaird at one time was the mayor of Lehigh, Oklahoma, after his tour in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division. When I visited Lehigh, it was during the weekend of 4th of July and I remember lighting a Black Cat firecracker and it blew up in my hand. I was screaming bloody murder. Believe me it hurt. That very same night after I fell asleep, I went sleep walking in my grandmother’s house and my father found me walking about in a dead sleep. I believe the pain from the firecracker blowing up in my hand, caused my sleep walking. The next night, the pain subsided and I was able to watch the fireflies in the night sky. My cousins and I would capture them and place them in a large jar. The very first time I went hunting was in Oklahoma and I did not have the heart to shoot a rabbit, nor could I shoot a deer. My dad sort of gave up on me, when it came to hunting.

Anyway, those are the things that I remember about Lehigh. Lehigh is a very old town, been around since 1882. At one time this town was called Boone, but then they changed it to Lehigh, naming it after Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, a coal mining region. At one point of time, Pretty Boy Floyd passed through this town and legend has it, hid at one of the homes in Lehigh. My grandmother lived in a home, that was built by the blood money gained from a notorious sheriff of the town. Story has it the corrupt sheriff killed a resident and took his valuables and money. With that money he built the house that my grandmother lived in. Lehigh once had a lynching there, conducted by the infamous KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Lehigh may be a small town, but it still has a historic past and some of the past history is tarnished.

At one time Lehigh was a thriving town, because of the coal mines. Lehigh became a ghost town when the trains started using oil instead of coal. Many miners were injured and some lost their lives in the coal mines. Some workers on the train tracks were also injured and some lost their lives. There are people who have visited or lived in Lehigh that say that this town is very haunted.

Owl Grocery Specter: Around this old building a large tall shadow is seen against the walls and on the ground. A few people have said they have been pushed or shoved by this specter. Megan Hall, a visitor says she was grabbed and then she felt like she was possessed. The possession lasted for about 6 minutes and after the entity left her body, she vomited all over the place.

Strippet Hand Demon: Legend has it, that back in the 1920s, 2 brothers were chopping wood. One brother told the other brother that if he places his hand on a block of wood, he will chop it off. The brother did exactly that and the brother chopped off his hand. After he chopped off his brother’s hand, he felt so bad about doing it, he threw the hand into a strippet. By throwing the hand into a strippet, the brother thought he was hiding the evidence. Later his brother died. In the strippet, people have claimed that they see a hand floating around in the water. The hand has all kinds of blisters on it and one resident who does not want to be identified says that the hand once choked him. Many people believe that hand is demonically possessed.

Coal Miner in Black: Residents have seen what appears to be a coal miner wandering around the thickets, he is dressed all in black. When one resident approached the miner, the miner said “why? “why?” Theory is that this is the ghost of a coal miner that lost his life in the mines.

Screaming Blue Lady: On one of the railroad tracks, late at night, people will see a woman dressed in blue and screaming at the top of her lungs. It is believed that she may have committed suicide at the railroad tracks. No one seems to know her story. Derin Danville from Texas says that his mother, a resident of Colgate, Oklahoma believes that the Screaming Blue Lady when she was alive found out that her husband was cheating on her, with her best friend and that she ran onto the railroad tracks into an oncoming train and died.

Flying Bobcat: Hunters have seen what appears to be a Bobcat that can leap from the tree and fly a considerable distance. The Flying Bobcat has been seen 3 times by hunters.

Lehigh Thunderbird: In 1897, a coal miner named Curly Bob made claim that he saw a large bird with a 30 foot wing span fly over Lehigh. Could this be some type of Thunderbird?

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