“MELISSA’S DARKNESS FOLLOWS ME” and 13 More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

MELISSA’S DARKNESS FOLLOWS ME” and 13 More Terrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS WEEKEND ARCHIVE EPISODE FROM MARCH 2018: A woman begins receiving strange text messages shortly after her husband dies. Could they be from him? (“My Husband Wanted Me To Find Love Again From The Other Side”) *** The Coast Guard sees something completely unexpected when on the lookout for seafaring drug smugglers. (“Underwater UFOs”) *** A group of friends see a shadow in the backyard – but there is no one there to cast it. (“The Haunting Experience of Cedar Hill, Texas”) *** Could a young, sick little girl’s birth defect actually have been caused by a dark, supernatural entity? (“Melissa’s Darkness Follows Me”) *** Judging a stranger’s appearance creates torment for the rest of a girl’s life. (“The Curse of the Magic Dreamcatcher”) *** Footsteps in the dark, things moved without explanation, pets acting strange, and now it’s invading her dreams – and nightmares. It’s all happening to one girl and it won’t stop. (“I Wish It Would Stop!”) *** Black-Eyed Kid encounters typically happen with the child trying to gain entry into the home and begging for you to let them in. But what happens if you discover there is already one in your home? (“Struggles With Sleep Paralysis”) *** A family experiences scary creatures in the dark, and strange lights in the sky. (“Arizona Night Creatures”) *** A series of strange and terrifying events haunt a family over several years. (“The Ghost That Didn’t Like Her Husband”) *** On March 9, 1929, the perfect murder occurred in New York City. To this day, it has never been solved, despite literally dozens of theories – not about the identity of the killer, but as to how the victim was actually killed. (The Locked Room Murder: The Unsolved Case of Isidor Fink) *** Our whole world and our universe, might be a virtual reality matrix , programmed by the super-computer of a civilization of beings more advanced than we can possibly imagine. (“Do We Live In A Computer Simulation Created By An Advanced Alien Civilization?”) *** A colorful clown nicknack terrorizes a young girl. (“Fear of a Clown”) *** “One of the most bizarre incidents in the history of L.A. law enforcement uncovers a link to one of the most heinous crimes in history.” (“The Disappearance of Walter Collins: The Real-Life Story of ‘Changeling’”)

“The Disappearance of Walter Collins: The Real-Life Story of ‘Changeling’” by Troy Taylor: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/pz8bmxcb
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“The 3AM Albino In My Yard”: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/u867xnky
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