“GOING INSANE THROUGH SENSORY DEPRIVATION” and 3 More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

GOING INSANE THROUGH SENSORY DEPRIVATION” and 3 More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Human history reports strange sightings in the skies with the appearance of three suns, unnaturally shaped clouds, and fireballs in the sky. Do all of these ancient eyewitness accounts have a natural explanation, or could we be seeing reports of extraterrestrial visitations in centuries past? (Flying Saucers In The Clouds) *** A U.S. Air-Force chaplain is called to duty not against a human enemy – but a spiritual one. (Air Force Exorcist) *** According to oral tradition, a pair of witches came up from the underworld bringing the Native American Zuni people two gifts… and one of those gifts was death. (Zuni Witchcraft) *** According to the song, silence is golden. And it really can be; there are plenty of times when we just want to shut everything out and relax in peace and quiet. But silence isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, either, and too much silence can drive you mad. It all starts with being able to hear your own organs working, and after about 45 minutes, you’ll start to hallucinate. Silence—and other types of sensory deprivation—can do some weird things to the body and mind… and to the planet. (The Disturbing Effects of Sensory Deprivation)
“Zuni Witchcraft” by Kathy Weiser for Legends of America: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/33khzyfm
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“Air Force Exorcist” by Erica Earl for Military.com: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/msamvf2
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