“THE SKELETON FACTORY” and 4 More True and Morbid Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE SKELETON FACTORY” and 4 More True and Morbid Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Seeing a lifelike human skeleton in a doctor’s office, especially in the past couple of centuries, was – and in many cases still is – commonplace. But where did one go to get such lifelike skeletons if you were a doctor in the 1800s? Why, a skeleton factory, of course! (The Skeleton Factory) *** When you think of a mad scientist you most likely think of Victor Frankenstein – but it’s rumored Mary Shelley took inspiration for the character from a real mad scientist by the name of Andrew Ure. (Andrew Ure: A Real Life Mad Scientist) *** The story of Kate Watson is a grim one – living as a prostitute in the Old West, and when that wasn’t enough she took up cattle rustling. Her husband wasn’t any better. So it’s probably no surprise that she was strung up until dead. But maybe you should wait to pass judgement until you hear the whole story. (The Lynching of Cattle Kate) *** In March of 2004, teenager Brianna Maitland left work in the late evening hours and was never seen again. To this day it is still one of Vermont’s most infamous mysteries. (The Vanishing of Brianna Maitland) *** In June of 1989 a nurse was found dead, drugged, strangled, and tied up outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her hands and feet bound behind her. So how could police conclude she committed suicide? (The Murder of Nurse Cindy)
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