The Latest Internet Conspiracy?

Am I Who I Say I Am?

Check out the video below.  Apparently he believes I am the voice of a couple of other YouTube channels and that I’m hiding the fact.  Here is what I said in a  comment to this video:

“Hey there, ThaUrbanDisciples. I had a listener of my podcast tell me you were investigating me and that some thought I was the voice of “A Call For An Uprising” and also “Black Pilled”. The answer is no. In fact, I’d not heard of those channels or yours until this all just popped up. The only channels I’m regularly involved with are my own (Marlar House) and Facts Verse – which is the one I’m usually associated with due to their large subscriber numbers. The only channel I actually own is my own and then I’m just a hired narrator for Facts Verse. I have done some voice work for a few other channels here and there as a paid narrator, but that doesn’t happen very often. The list of channels I do narration for on a somewhat regular basis is on the right-hand column of my YouTube channel. I’m anxious now though to see if “A Call For An Uprising” responds to your video. If you have any more questions for me specifically, feel free to ask! And thanks for the free publicity! Ha ha ha!!!!”

And now, the video itself.  What do you think?  Do the “A Call For An Uprising Channel” guy sound like me?

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