“WENDIGO PSYCHOSIS” and 4 More True, Macabre Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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WENDIGO PSYCHOSIS” and 4 More True, Macabre Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Lauretta Lyons was killed in her own home on June 9th, 1966. And now, so many decades later, authorities are still at a loss as to who committed the murder. (It Was Just An Ordinary Day) *** What does it feel like to die? We obviously won’t know personally until we die ourselves, as it’s hard to talk to someone about their experience of dying if they are… well… dead. But Reverend J.T. Mann can describe it – as he was hanged… died… and then came back to life to tell the story of what happened to his soul while he was gone. (He Was Hanged As a Spy But Came Back to Life) *** The Wendigo is terrifying enough – with its backstory claiming it is the creation of a person who chose to become a cannibal, and ended up twisting up into the legendary monster. But that’s just it – so far, it’s only just a legend. We have no solid proof of its existence. But even more horrifying than the Wendigo is Wendigo Psychosis – something that is not a legend at all. (Wendigo Psychosis) *** We’ll look at a few other legendary creatures and cryptids that have some interesting stories attached to them! (More Mythological Monsters)

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