“THE HOUSE THE DEVIL BUILT” and More Terrifying True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE HOUSE THE DEVIL BUILT” and More Terrifying True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS DARKIVES EPISODE FROM MAY 2018: A chance meeting brings two people love, then marriage… then jealousy and murder. (The Bitter Fruit of a Jest) *** He terrified citizens in Australia in the 1990s – suspected of at least twelve murders, and sentenced to seven life terms in prison. His name was Ivan Milat. (Serial Killer Ivan Milat) *** How can a young woman remember herself being old? (Hannah’s Past Lives) *** A toddler plays with an imaginary friend – who ends up being his deceased grandmother whom he has never met. (Panteletas) *** In 1972 an aircraft crashed into the Florida Everglades – and has become one of the most famous aircraft flights in the annals of the supernatural. (Ghosts of Flight 401) *** A young girl is beaten and abused as a child, ignored by her family and schoolmates, and ended up crying each night alone in her room… although she was not truly alone. (Who Is With Me) *** The dark and strange history of the Congelier Mansion in Pittsburgh is lost to time, but not to those who’ve heard the stories. (The House The Devil Built) *** There is no doubt that something puzzling did happen hundreds of years ago in Ireland. Scientists, historians and locals admit this particular place is shrouded in mystery. (Unexplained Phenomenon in Ancient Ireland) *** Skyquakes. Mistpouffers. Seneca Guns. The mysterious booms in South Carolina have many names, but no one knows what causes them. (Mysterious Booms in South Carolina) *** A man had apparently leapt off the roof of a building, committing suicide. That would’ve been the end of it, except that police found a note in the man’s pocket with instructions on how to find the pieces of his girlfriend. (The Zach and Addie Murder/Suicide) *** No one paid much attention to Kaspar Hauser when he strolled into Nuremberg one morning in 1828. But that would soon change. (The Enduring 200 Year Mystery of Kaspar Hauser) *** When a man goes to prison, only to come home a year later and find his wife with another man, you know the ending already. (The Brown Tragedy) *** A woman’s body was found in a secluded Texas home, sitting upright in a rocking chair in front of a mysterious altar. The murder of Olivia Mabel is so strange that authorities are asking for your help in solving the mystery. (The Bizarre Death of Olivia Mabel)
“The House The Devil Built”: http://bit.ly/2WqLUgd
“The Bitter Fruit of a Jest” by Robert Wilhelm: http://bit.ly/2WtC2Cy
“Serial Killer Ivan Milat” by Robert Keller: http://bit.ly/2WtC2Cy
“Hannah’s Past Lives” was submitted anonymously.
“Pantaletas” submitted by Michy from Upcycle Creations on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2WqMwCx
“Ghosts of Flight 401” by Troy Taylor in his book, “Cabinet of Curiosities”: https://amzn.to/2KEWqI5
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“Unexplained Phenomenon in Ancient Ireland” by Ellen Lloyd: (link no longer available)
“Mysterious Booms Plague South Carolina”: (link no longer available)
“The Zach And Addie Murder/Suicide” by Shelly Barclay: http://bit.ly/2HZq8qR
“The Enduring 200 Year Mystery of Kasper Hauser” by Gina Dimuro: http://bit.ly/2Kgll7l
“The Brown Tragedy” by Robert Wilhelm: http://bit.ly/2I5NZoD
“The Bizarre Death of Olivia Mabel”: http://oliviamabel.com/
Weird Darkness theme by Alibi Music Library. Background music by Shadows Symphony(https://tinyurl.com/yyrv987t) and Midnight Syndicate (http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ) used with permission.
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