“THE OLD MAN OF CRATER LAKE” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE OLD MAN OF CRATER LAKE” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS DARKIVE EPISODE WITH STORIES FROM JUNE 2018: The Anatomy Act of 1832 allowed doctors, anatomy lecturers, and medical students greater access to cadavers and allowed for the legal donation of bodies to medical science. But the act would never have come to be had it not been for a series of murders committed in order to sell the corpses. (The Story of Burke and Hare) *** After being confronted with his crimes, Westley Allan Dodd claimed that death was the only way to make sure he never committed them again. (His Crimes Were So Heinous, He Begged To Be Executed) *** Pauline Picard’s family thought their missing daughter had come back home—then a body was discovered. (The Unending Mystery of a Little Girl’s Disappearance) *** You might not believe in fairies… but you might if one kept calling your name. (Talking Fairies) *** On April 22, 1920, seven members of the Wolf family were buried. Their murders were the start of a bizarre and bloody series of events that still reverberate in the Turtle Lake, North Dakota area today. (The Wolf Family Murders) *** You may be average in every way – average in height, income, attractiveness… but something must be special about you if you are continually being abducted by aliens. (Lea’s Abductions)
(Links to many of the stories in this episode have been lost since it previously aired. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
“The Story of Burke and Hare” by Ben Johnson: http://bit.ly/2yPja3l
“Talking Fairies” submitted anonymously to WeirdDarkness.com
“Lea’s Abductions”: (link no longer available)
“Pauline Picard: The Unending Mystery of a Little Girl’s Disappearance”: http://bit.ly/2yWHJLL
“The Wolf Family Murders” by Troy Taylor: http://bit.ly/33qGJxH
His Crimes Were So Heinous, He Begged To Be Executed” by Wyatt Redd: http://bit.ly/31tWsdw
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