“MURDER OF A HORROR MOVIE MAKER” and More Strange and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

MURDER OF A HORROR MOVIE MAKER” and More Strange and Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS DARKIVE EPISODE FROM JUNE 2018: Al Adamson, the beloved cult-horror director of such schlocky films as PSYCHO A-GO-GO and DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN – was murdered in what can only be called a scene from one of his movies brought to life. (Murder Of The Horror Movie Maker) *** It’s said that the devout Saint Joseph of Cupertino could fly, he could read people’s thoughts, and could create rain during a drought. So why would the church do everything in its power to hide him from the masses of Christian believers? (The Flying Saint With Telepathic Abilities) *** A man sees two ghostly figures in a window’s reflection – and one of them is holding a strange object. (Shades of White) *** Some suspect a serial killer while others point a finger at the paranormal, but nobody has been able to fully explain the mysterious disappearances from Vermont’s Bennington Triangle. (Inside The Unsolved Disappearances Of The Bennington Triangle) *** Chingle Hall is one of Britain’s oldest and most haunted buildings. Ghosts and poltergeist activity have been reported for many centuries with visions of monks being the most commonly reported phenomena.(Haunted Chingle Hall) *** June and Jennifer Gibbons displayed unsettling behavior early on, even for twins. They refused to speak despite their ability to do so, and they insisted on never being apart. But that is not the strangest thing that happened between these disturbed twins. (Disturbing Twins)
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