A person is supposed to be able to trust their doctor. A physician is the person you go to when you’re under the weather. While most doctors are perfectly wonderful people who only want to help the sick, some dark people are attracted to the medical profession. For some serial killers, working in a hospital is the perfect cover for their murderous ways. Since so many people already die in hospitals, many doctor serial killers use their patients as victims through poisoning or another undetectable method of murder. Due to their power, position and cover, some killer doctors have racked up hundreds of victims. While many doctor serial killers used their position to find victims, there are other doctors who killed outside of the workplace. There are various motives that most doctor serial killers have, including a need to be seen as a hero and for their own financial gain. A few doctors have used their medical curiosities as reasons to help commit genocide. Doctors have always inspired a strange mix of trust and fear. We give ourselves over to them when we’re at our most vulnerable, which in turn makes us uneasy at the thought that they could perhaps exploit that unique position of power.  We allow these people into our most private and defenseless spaces, granting them access to our bodies both inside and out. So we shudder at the idea that their intentions could be anything less than pure. Perhaps this is why, even among serial killers, those who were doctors or nurses chill us to the bone like few others.