#DarknessChallenge 2020

#DarknessChallenge 2020

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Hi, I’m Darren Marlar.

 As the host of the Weird Darkness  podcast, I have spent hours upon hours online looking for resources to help my listeners who deal with depression – something I struggle with myself.  The only organization I’ve found that specifically focuses on depression is The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression, or iFred for short!  Since connecting with its founder, Kathryn Goetzke two years ago, I knew I’d finally found a resource I could confidently send people to who could find the help they needed when struggling to cope.

Since then, I’ve received hundreds emails from listeners thanking me for sharing the information that iFred provides on their website.  iFred has, I truly believe, literally saved the lives of many Weird Darkness listeners over the past two years.

One of the greatest challenges when dealing with depression is the feeling of hopelessness, that you are alone, and that nobody understands.  It is for this reason that Weird Darkness is launching the #DarknessChallenge campaign – to bring the darkness of depression into the light.  Our hope is that during this campaign, now through October 2020 (Depression Awareness Month) people will find it in their hearts to not only participate in the challenge to spread awareness but to also make a donation to The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression. If you or someone you know suffers from depression, please consider making a donation.

Help Weird Darkness bring awareness about depression and raise funds to help those with depression through the #DarknessChallenge!  Here’s how:

Video yourself in the dark with a flashlight under your chin, much like you would if you were telling a ghost story.  Introduce yourself (if you feel comfortable doing so), then film yourself saying what depression keeps you from doing, or how depression makes your life challenging in some way.  End your video by asking the viewer to make their own video, and then encourage them to visit DarknessChallenge.com to find hope for their depression or to make a donation to help others.  Then upload your video to social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) using the hashtag #DarknessChallenge so we can all see your video and share it to help bring awareness about depression.  Here are videos of some who have already taken the challenge:

For another example, below is my video – I’ve also placed the script below the video if you want to use it to help you write your own.  If you upload to YouTube, send me a link to the video and I’ll place it in a Darkness Challenge playlist above so others can see it too!

I’m Darren, I deal with depression – and I’m not alone.  Depression sucks away all my energy, leaving no desire to do anything – even things I usually love doing.  I just want to lay down and sleep.  How does depression challenge or frustrate you?    Make your own video.  And visit DarknessChallenge.com for free help in dealing with depression.  And if you can, make a donation to help those who are still stuck in the dark!  Learn more at DarknessChallenge.com.”

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