“COULD DRAGONS HAVE BEEN REAL?” and More Dark, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

COULD DRAGONS HAVE BEEN REAL?” and More Dark, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Is it possible dragons are… or at least were… real? Science takes a look at the possibility. (Are Dragons Real?) *** In a thick, dark forest in Colorado is a foreboding house which is considered one of the most haunted places in the U.S. (Haunted House In The Black Forest) *** A woman has the gift of speaking with and interacting with those who have passed on… but what began as a gift, evolved into a curse. (The Man Is Back) *** Weirdo family member Ezra tells us of his personal encounter with a black-eyed child. (An Angel Saved Me From a Black Eyed Kid) *** Pukwudgies were known to Native Americans, who gave them a wide berth. And if you see one, it’s best to stay away. (What is a Pukwudgie?) *** What began as a practical joke soon became one of the greatest hoaxes in American history – it’s the true story of the Cardiff Giant. (The Petrified Man) *** Jody smiled at the children playing in her backyard. She didn’t know them, they were probably the neighbors’ kids. At least that’s what she thought at first until she began to notice something disturbing about those children. (Phantom Children of Guilford) *** Dealing with the paranormal is already unsettling. What if you were to learn that the supernatural has actually been feeding on you? (Supernatural Feedings) *** Newlywed couples planning a trip to Venice envision romantic walkways and Renaissance art. What they don’t expect to find is an island that is illegal to set foot on… and for good reason. (Black Plague Island) *** Weirdo family member Ber Bella shares an experience her grandmother had on an icy road. (Angel On Black Ice) *** Sometimes a prisoner is let free, with experts of the opinion he has been completely rehabilitated. Sometimes they are right. Often they are wrong. And in the case of Jack Unterweger – releasing him was the worst thing that could ever have been done. (Poet of Death)

The short story “The Dragon” written by Ray Bradbury: http://bit.ly/2WHbtKp
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“The Phantom Children of Gilford” posted at FarShores (link no longer available)
“Supernatural Feedings” by Nick Redfern: http://bit.ly/2Mquz3p
“Black Plague Island” by Cheryl Adams Richkoff (link no longer available)
“Angel On Black Ice” by Weirdo family member Ber Bella
“Poet of Death” by Shannon Rafael: http://bit.ly/2WEGaQn

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