Just Creepypastas

As you are most assuredly aware of #CreepypastaThursday where each week I narrate horror stories that are purely fiction – and some of these have become beloved Weird Darkness episodes, such as “I Drive For Cerber“, “PenPal” and “The Neverglades Mysteries“. There are also those episodes from the masters such as Edgar Alan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft that many have told me they loved hearing.  I’ve created this playlist for those times when you need to get away from the real world – when you need to escape the tragedy, murder and mayhem on the evening news…. and would rather be entertained by a short horror story of tragedy, murder and mayhem.  You’ll see the most recent #CreepypastaThursday episode on top, and it will just play through working its way back from newest to oldest.

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