“GHOST BEAR OF THE TOWER OF LONDON” and More Frightening True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

GHOST BEAR OF THE TOWER OF LONDON” and More Frightening True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: With all the nastiness and violence that has taken place around the Tower of London, you’d probably expect to come across a spook or twelve… but would you be surprised to find out that it’s also haunted by a spectral bear? (Ghost Bear of the Tower of London) *** In the winter of 1982, Alan Phillips was lost in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, in temperatures of -22°F (-30°C), in a blinding snowstorm. His survival and rescue was seen as miraculous… and then later it was found out that rescuers had just saved the life of a serial killer. (The Miracle Rescue of a Serial Killer) *** A famous silent-film actress suddenly disappears at sea. Was she the victim of foul play? Did she fall overboard? Or was it all a hoax simply to gain publicity? (The Case of the Vanishing Movie Star) *** Ghosts are almost always scary – but the most terrifying are those that become violent. The poltergeists. We’ll look at five of the most violent poltergeist cases of all time. There are some ghosts you do not want inside your home. (Violent Poltergeists) *** Camping is always fun – getting together with friends or family, pitching a tent, roasting hotdogs on an open fire, telling ghost stories, hearing a snap of a twig in the brush behind you, seeing glowing eyes in the darkness, hearing animal-like growls coming from just outside your tent in the middle of the night… what’s there not to like? Okay, so maybe camping can be a bit creepy, as we’ll find out from a few Redditors who share some of their scariest camping experiences. (Camping Creepies)

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