“HORROR AT PEMBERTON MILL” and More Terrifying True Stories, Plus a Creepypasta! #WeirdDarkness

HORROR AT PEMBERTON MILL” and More Terrifying True Stories, Plus a Creepypasta! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The ghost of a man in gray haunts a London theater. *** The boogeyman – where did he come from, and is he based on a real person? *** A disaster that took place at the Pemberton Mill on January 10, 1860 – a disaster that left a community, and a nation stunned! *** A night of children telling scary stories to each other turns into the real thing. *** A young girl bumps into her father in the hallway… which is impossible, as her father isn’t home. *** James Bond, 007 himself tells his own personal story of the paranormal. Sir Roger Moore tells of his terrifying experience. *** A young teen girl wakes up in the dark of night being choked by a red-eyed being. *** Friends hear a crash in the kitchen… and though everything appears normal, what they eventually find is the stuff of nightmares. *** The discovery of a body in the local river leaves one town with a gruesome mystery – and possibly the framing of an innocent man for the murder. *** Known to the outside world as the City of the Dead, Dargavs is a truly remarkable and mysterious place we know little about. *** Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched, or that someone is following you? Perhaps it’s not your imagination. *** A father in South Yorkshire claims his family is being haunted by the ghost of an old lady. *** Two men, a forest, and a ouija board – will that be enough to find a rumored black eyed child that has been seen there? *** A man hears pounding on the walls of his apartment – from the outside of the building. *** What appears to be a poltergeist continues to torment office colleagues… or is it just being playful? *** Plus, I’ll share an original creepypasta from a fan of Weird Darkness… it’s a story called “Amoeba”.

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“The Pounding Walls of an Apartment Building”: https://tinyurl.com/w5cxyee
“The Playful Office Poltergeist”: https://tinyurl.com/wpm738d
The fictional story (creepypasta) “Amoeba” was submitted by Sabby Ray: https://www.facebook.com/ray.saibal

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