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IN THIS EPISODE: In 2007, a sixteen-year-old boy was tried and convicted as an adult for the assault and murder of a woman in Wisconsin. But is it possible that Brendan Dassey isn’t guilty as we were all led to believe? (Is Brendan Dassey Innocent?) *** After a night of bar-hopping, Ozzy Conde and girlfriend Kimberly Long got into an argument that ended up with Ozzy laying on the floor – dead. Kimberly was sent to prison. At least that’s the story the prosectors told. But Kimberly fought for years to try and convince people she was not a murderer. But was she? (Kimberly’s Long Struggle to Prove Her Innocence) *** The idea of someone breaking down and confessing to police that they committed a crime – when in actuality they did not do it – seems ludicrous to us. But it happens all the time. Why on earth would someone ever do such a thing? We’ll look a bit closer at how it happens. (Why Do The Innocent Confess?)
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