“KNIGHTS, DRAGONS, AND DINO DNA” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

KNIGHTS, DRAGONS, AND DINO DNA” and More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The Phaistos Disc was discovered in 1903, by Italian archaeologists in southern Crete. Since then the disc has remained a mystery as no one has been able to decipher the writings upon it, nor who made the object, what was it used for, and even if it’s a genuine archaeological discovery or a clever fake. (The Phaistos Disc) *** Usually you learn that a place is haunted simply because people say it is. It’s common knowledge around the town or neighborhood… but when the government of your country says a place is haunted, you’d better danged well listen. Such is the case with India’s Bhangarh Fort. (Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Place in India) *** At the end of 1894 French army captain Alfred Dreyfus, a graduate of the École Polytechnique, and a Jew of Alsatian origin, was accused of handing secret documents to the Imperial German military. After a closed trial, he was found guilty of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment on the dreaded Devil’s Island. But that’s just the beginning of the story that later became known as The Dreyfus Affair. (The Dreyfus Affair) *** We’ve all heard of the power of the mind – it’s been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of pain, some well-trained individuals can use their mind to slow their rate of respiration, to bring their heartbeat down to almost nothing with no long-term ill effects… but what about controlling things outside of your own body? Is the mind that powerful? Some believe so – and they also believe it’s one possible explanation for hauntings. (The Wild PK of the Poltergeist) *** Is it possible that our history books are wrong and that humans actually did walk with dinosaurs? It might not be as far-fetched as it sounds, especially when you look at tales of knights, dragons, and T-Rex DNA. (Knights, Dragons, and Dino DNA) *** We’ll have a short tale about Joseph Naples… who chose the macabre career of being a grave digger… but only because it made it easier for him to be a grave robber… and a body snatcher. (A London Body Snatcher)
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