“LEOPOLD, LOEB, AND THE GHOST OF BOBBY FRANKS” and More Scary True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

LEOPOLD, LOEB, AND THE GHOST OF BOBBY FRANKS” and More Scary True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: A woman visiting her mother in the hospital takes an unexpected trip when stepping into the elevator. (Elevator Opens Into The Twilight Zone) *** Even 24 doors couldn’t give Charles Lapham a way out of his seemingly-cursed life. (No Exit – The Lapham Patterson House) *** A nightmare is frightening, we can all agree on that. But what if you have a nightmare within a nightmare? One woman tells her terrifying story. (My Real Life Nightmare) *** Robert Berdella. Behind his friendly demeanor lurked a deadly obsession with torture and murder. (The Butcher of Kansas City) *** Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold believed themselves to be more intelligent than all others, and had a plan to to commit the perfect murder. But it would be their pride that brought the down in the end. (Chicago’s Thrill Killers)
“Chicago’s Thrill Killers” by Troy Taylor: http://bit.ly/32z2mLe
“Elevator Opens Into the Twilight Zone” by Lisa Gibson: http://bit.ly/2VURTHJ
“The Butcher of Kansas City” by Orrin Grey: http://bit.ly/30sRCwJ
“My Real Life Nightmare” by Alicia Zapata, submitted at http://www.WeirdDarkness.com
“No Exit – The Lapham Patterson House” by Jessica Ferri: http://bit.ly/2pCMety
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