“THE MALEVOLENT MEN IN BLACK” and More Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

“THE MALEVOLENT MEN IN BLACK” and More Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

THE MALEVOLENT MEN IN BLACK” and More Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

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IN THIS EPISODE: The mysterious Men in Black have been around long before Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones put on the black suits and sunglasses. The encounters with these strange men have been taking place for decades. Sometimes unnerving, often bizarre, and almost always chilling for those they approach. (The Sinister Men In Black) *** Legend has it that a four-legged fiend with glowing eyes and a blood-curdling howl stalks the area of Devon, England. The mystery creature was seen only yards away from a party of schoolchildren, the animal has a thick, shaggy coat, rounded ears and large front limbs which would be powerful enough to tear human flesh. Is it man’s best friend – or a hell hound?  (Phantom Hound) *** Life presents people with all sorts of unexplained phenomena. One of the strangest is places disappearing. It might happen on a hiking trail, or in the forest, or alongside gravel roads in rural counties… but then some happen in the most surprising of places – for example, in the center of New York City. (Places That No Longer Exist) *** Weirdo family member Chris Francis has a dark story to tell – literally dark. As in black-hole dark. (Black Hole In The Basement)

00:00:00.000 = Title Story Preview and Show Open
00:04:25.336 = The Sinister Men In Black
00:21:31.123 = Places That No Longer Exist
00:57:23.489 = Phantom Hound
01:04:20.287 = Black Hole Basement
01:15:27.800 = Show Close

“The Sinister Men in Black” by Erik at Paranormal Scholar: http://bit.ly/2Vgdzxp
“Phantom Hound” by Nick Redfern for Mysterious Universe: http://bit.ly/2OnKvTf
“Places That No Longer Exist” by Donn Saylor for Graveyard Shift: http://bit.ly/333CG9u
“Black Hole Basement” by Weirdo family member Chris Francis
Weird Darkness theme by Alibi Music Library.
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Originally aired: July, 2018

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