“THE M.I.B. – MYTHOLOGY OR REALITY?” and More True Scary Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

“THE M.I.B. – MYTHOLOGY OR REALITY?” and More True Scary Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

THE M.I.B. – MYTHOLOGY OR REALITY? and More True Scary Stories! #WeirdDarkness #Darkives

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IN THIS EPISODE: A Major in the U.S. Air Force says they captured and held an extraterrestrial creature at New Jersey’s McGuire Air Force Base. (Alien Captured By Air Force) *** Dale Earnhardt Jr. says he was pulled from a flaming car by a paranormal entity. Did a ghostly specter save this NASCAR driver’s life? (The Race Car Angel) *** William Dunham was ill-tempered, ready to fight at all times – especially when drunk. He owned two less-than-reputable establishments. So it shouldn’t be a surprise people would want him dead. But when one has so many enemies, it’s not easy for police to find out who the person was that murdered you. (The Dunham Murder) *** I’ll share an account of something very disturbing seen in Michigan – a strange creature… a grayish-colored entity more man than beast, but more paranormal than normal. (Michigan Humanoid) *** Visiting haunted houses, cursed lands, driving on ghostly roads… they all can be scary. Stepping into a hospital at night is incredibly spooky. But image what kind of stories you’d have to tell if you were a night-shift employee at a cemetery. (Creepy Stories of Cemetery Workers) *** 
In all of their different incarnations, the Men in Black usually have one main purpose: to muzzle witnesses of strange, paranormal phenomena. That’s exactly what happened to one UFO hunter while researching what is now known as the Rendlesham Forest incident. (MIB Threaten UFO Hunter)

00:00:00.000 = Title Story Preview and Show Open
00:05:01.899 = MIB Threaten UFO Hunter
00:10:18.583 = Alien Captured By Air Force
00:18:29.602 = The Dunham Murder
00:25:58.231 = The Race Car Angel
00:29:28.550 = Michigan Humanoid
00:38:30.639 = Creepy Stories of Cemetery Workers
00:58:25.852 = Show Close

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Originally aired: August, 2020

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